RESULTS UKAHFT English Open Champion 2014

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    Thank you to everyone who turned out today to make this one of the best English Opens to date.
    Congratulations to Richard Arden– 2014 English Open Champion and to Mike and Kieran who narrowly missed out after the shoot off.

    A very special Thank you to Johnny Smith for being the driving force behind this competition.

    Richard Arden 56 Open 1st Shoot Off
    Mike Byford 56 Open 2nd Shoot Off
    Kieran Turner 56 Open 3rd Shoot Off
    Pete Dutton 55 Open
    Stuart James 55 Open
    Wayne Marriott 55 Open
    Alex Larkin 55 Open
    Tony Male 55 Open
    Peter Higgins 54 Open
    Pete Sparkes 54 Open
    Ross Young 54 Open
    Richard Bainton 54 Open
    Rudy Goldslade 54 Open
    Mark Crossland 53 Open
    Chris Cundey 53 Open
    Greg Hensman 53 Open
    Alex Dermietzel 53 Open
    Stuart Hall 53 Open
    Simon Howarth 52 Open
    Matthew Mineum 52 Open
    Tom Morgans 52 Open
    Mick Mctighe 52 Open
    Andy Simpson 52 Open
    Dave Whiteside 51 Open
    Steve Handby 51 Open
    Ian Howarth 51 Open
    Clive Evans 51 Open
    Gary Chillingworth 50 Open
    Mick Monaghan 50 Open
    Anthony Higgins 50 Open
    Derick Stone 49 Open
    Dan McMahon 49 Open
    Neil Lewis 49 Open
    Mark Coshall 48 Open
    Ry Tombs 48 Open
    Dan Tombs 48 Open
    Kevin Clarke 48 Open
    Rob Mobley 48 Open
    Jamie Lewis 47 Open
    Mark Russell 47 Open
    Andy Dickson 47 Open
    Ken Pothecary 47 Open
    Terry Hodgetts 47 Open
    Dave Freeman 46 Open
    David Nicholls 46 Open
    Geoff Ryder 46 Open
    Simon Minney 45 Open
    Steve Watson 45 Open
    J P Bradley 45 Open
    Phil Tombs 45 Open
    Ash Bailey 44 Open
    Karl Guest 44 Open
    Jeremy Massey 43 Open
    Mick Fern 43 Open
    Rob Hobson 43 Open
    Graham Cole 42 Open
    Ian Hunter 42 Open
    Len Smith 39 Open
    John Clarke 38 Open
    Pete Webb 31 Open
    Ian Treadwell 52 Recoiling
    Ian Sheppard 51 Recoiling
    Darrin Lynn 50 Recoiling
    Steve Whiting 46 Recoiling
    Rob Lamerton 45 Recoiling
    Bob Clay 44 Recoiling
    Perry Broad 42 Recoiling
    Theresa Reed 49 Ladies
    Jean Greatrex 45 Ladies
    Elliott Reed 51 Junior
    Crawford Webb 32 Junior
    Rhyley Minney 29 Junior
    Simon Harrison 46 0.22

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