Results of the 2nd Round of the Furnace Mill Winter League 30/1/16

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  1. furnace mill

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    Jan 17, 2010
    wyre forest
    Furnace Mill
    Results of the 2nd Round of the Furnace Mill Winter League 30/1/16

    The people that say that Furnace Mill doesn’t get affected by the wind can put their comments in their pipes and smoke them today!!

    Some of the best HFT shooters in the country took part in today’s comp, and were almost reduced to tears by the way the unpredictable wind that whistled and swirled around the Furnace Coppice Course.

    What was very pleasing is to hear all the good comments about the course. Thank you guys.

    Thank you all for coming to take part and to all the people that help out running these events.

    Congratulations to Elliott for his top score and also for winning the bonus bunny along with Mikmon. (Lucky bu**er Mikmon this is the second time running for the BB)

    Elliott Compton 53
    Rob Lamerton 52
    Kev Clarke 52
    Tony Male 51
    Gary Anderson 51
    Dan McMahon 50
    Ken Pothecary 49
    Matthew Mineur 48
    Graham Cole 48
    Dave Hemmings 48
    Jason Bressington 48
    Stu James 47
    John Clarke 47
    Dave Freeman 46
    Richard Halford 46
    Stuart Hill 45 (Recoiling)
    Simon Jewkes 45
    Captin Bill Birch 45
    Sam Hemmings 44
    Karl Guest 43
    Ken Swift 42
    Pete Sparkes 42
    John Myatt 42
    Geoff Jones 41
    Stew Powell 40 (Recoiling)
    Dan Baker 40
    Mik Monaghan 40
    Jesse Jewkes 39 (Junior)
    Mark Upton 30

    Hopefully see quite a few of you again tomorrow for the first round of the Rose Bowl.
    Please note that we are cancelling the round on February 13th due to the rugby, but we will still have a fun shoot if anyone would still like to take part.
    We will just extend the series to April 9th instead of ending in March.
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  2. g.l.w

    g.l.w Wonky

    Apr 16, 2009
    Haydock, Merseyside
    Top shooting Elliot, nice one mate. :):)
  3. subaru swift

    subaru swift Active Member

    Apr 2, 2010
    stoke on trent & bromsgrove
    Kingsley HFT & Furnace mill.
    great day but that wind man it was crazy at times, all over place at each peg.
    however I am happy mr Sparkes got the same as me ! that's made my day that as.
    low score but oh well next time.

    well done Elliot.
  4. mikmon

    mikmon Member

    Jun 4, 2012
    well i shoot atrocious but enjoyed the company well done Elliot great shooting great to see a good turn out and the wind made the course a real tester ! onwards and upwards tomoz my score cant be worse than today lol

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