Results Emley extreme R5

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  1. chrisc

    chrisc Lucky git

    Apr 17, 2009
    Ryan Trev STAND/KNEEL 54
    Lee John STAND/KNEEL 47
    Hilton Simon STAND/KNEEL 45
    Bowers Steve STAND/KNEEL 44
    Fekete -Moro Andras SFT / FT 56
    Hauge Neil SFT / FT 50
    Jackson Jamie RECOILING 38
    Dutton Pete OPEN 57
    Heaps Brian OPEN 55
    Mclachan James OPEN 54
    Cundey Chris OPEN 52
    Oram Nigel OPEN 51
    Guy Chris OPEN 49
    Ironmonger Roy OPEN 49
    Macfarlane Steve OPEN 47
    Fern Mick OPEN 46
    Macfarlane Karyn OPEN 43
    Shepherd Brian OPEN 42
    Pearson Stephen OPEN 41
    Ward Adam OPEN 39

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