HFT Results: Cambridge 09/06/19

Discussion in 'News and Results' started by KeithW, Jun 10, 2019.

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    Feb 10, 2012
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    A lovely day for it! Just enough of a breeze to make you a bit thoughtful on the long shots and the scores reflect this - unless you are Kyle, who only shoots every now and again and comes back in with a score like that - shoot even less and then next time you'll clear the course, Kyle :)

    Any winner who is 4 points ahead of the competition is doing something right (or needs to have their rifle chrono'd :D ), so congratulations to Jake for his superb springer result. Good also to see Anne Higgins back again and doing so well - we've missed you! (although you didn't miss many targets).

    Congratulations to all the winners and apologies if I've got anyone's name / class wrong.
    Many thanks to our new catering team - you did a great job keeping everyone well fed.

    Finn Cochrane 50
    Mel Marshall 49
    Mike Isaacs 48
    Linda O'Malley 48
    Bob Brand 48
    Simon Ely 47
    Mick Salmon 46
    Martin Slane 42
    Graham Bass 33

    Jake Day 50
    Anne Higgins 46
    Matt Green 46
    Wayne Pearce 45
    Rex Bennett 45
    Martin Blackwell 43
    Chris Bolton 42
    Phil Russell 40
    Graham Burtonshaw 39
    Anton Selin 21

    Kyle Hampton 59
    Anwar Ghazi 58
    Jeff Westley 56
    Jack Houghton 55
    Ray Hampton 54
    Neil Wakelin 54
    Gordon Smith 53
    Jill Cochrane 53
    John Cooper 52
    David Alibone 52
    John Houghton 52
    Andy Ireland 52
    Paul Winfield 51
    Stu Deeks 51
    Glen Pickard 51
    Jeff Palmer 51
    Roger Lait 51
    Matt Mousley 51
    James Winfield 50
    Chris Theodoulou 50
    Charles Tibbets 50
    Ralph Presland 46
    Rhys Parrish 45
    Simon Honeysett 44
    Martin Capdeville 30
    Lucy Goy 30
    Mark Jones 27

    Emily Palmer 51
    Jo Cogger 50
    Melanie Wakelin 49

    Benji Jones 33
    Thomas Boxer 30

    Dean Auger 47
    Steve Hermitage 44
    Scott Coe 42
    Andy Stoward 36

    Stuart Smart DNF
    Keith Warburton DNF

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