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    Session 1 shooters must be booked in by 9am, the safety brief will then be approx 9.20am and then KO approx 9.30am.

    Session 2 shooters must be booked in by 11.30am, safety brief will be 20mins after session 1 finishes and then KO will be 10mins after that. This is normally beteween 12.30 - 1pm

    There are around 12 places left, anyone that is not booked we cannot guarentee you a place if you just turn up, if you know you are definately coming then either contact Pete Dutton on here or call me(my number can be found on the UKAHFT site)

    Finally as on a previous post, anyone who has booked in late and are pay on the day, if you do not let us know you cannot make it, you will not have the option of paying on the day again, this has been an issue in the past when we have turned people away and then find we did have places left with the no shows not informing us they can't make it.

    Safe trip and see you there.

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