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    Sparky Ich dien Staff Member

    Nov 8, 2008
    Pontypool South Wales
    Quarry Hunters
    Just a few notes.

    If anyone is camping please pitch your tents to the right of the main gate.

    There will be a spectator’s area for approx half the course, but please be careful with footing.

    70 yard side shoot will be up by the zero range.


    Main thing please be careful with your footing at all times.

    One of the supported standers the whole tree is the support and when we say whole tree we mean it, you will know the one we mean.

    Those starting on peg 30 will be allowed to shoot lane 29 before they move on if they wish.

    We are still waiting for the numbers to turn up to put at the targets, so “Make sure you pull the string before you shoot”

    Have a safe journey and see you Sunday

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