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    The zero range may be out even earlier than 2pm, but it will be the last thing we are putting out, myself, Del,Phil & Paula Johnson been up there since Monday doing the course, which is coming along nicely, good job Phil is there as he's the fittest and doing most of work:D Paula is keeping us fed and watered:cool:
    Del is just wandering around looking dazed:eek::D(only joking Del)
    Hoping to get the course finished this evening and then tomorrow we can just check and finalise things.

    Don't forget if your camping bring your own water.

    Jane will start the booking in around 8am on Sunday, Gary and Sammie will be running the pistol course for us(if you never done this give it a go, it's good fun.

    If you haven't booked and want to come along, there will be places in session 2, please remember you must be booked in by 11am, session 1 shooters book in by 9am.

    Once again remember all must attend the safety brief, you may know all the UKAHFT rules but there is also club announcements, which if you fail to follow, you could lose out:cool:

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