Quarry Results | 30-Aug-2015

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    Quarry Results | 30-Aug-2015

    Several members shot at Furnace Mill over the weekend, others were either taking a rest or not wanting to get their guns wet - so a nice little course was laid out this morning for the remainder to enjoy (thank you course setters). Very little wind, almost still. Rain started just as we started shooting [heavy-ish drizzle] .... and then stopped just as we finished !! LOL :rolleyes::D:D !!

    Great, as always, to see Berty and Gary at the Quarry on a Sunday. :cool:

    Scores as follows [ex 40 | with all scores-draws sorted on count-back]:

    Name Rifle Score Note
    1 Stuart Farr Walther 38
    2 Mark Bassett Steyr 37
    3 John Clarke AirArms 35
    4 Lewis Collins AirArms 35
    5 Tom Morgans Steyr 34
    6 Gary (8 clicks) Powell Steyr 33
    7 Keith Parry AirArms 33
    8 Chris Burgess AirArms 33
    9 Ken Long AirArms 32
    10 Andrew Burgess Walther 20 All standing
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