Quarry Results | 18-Jan-2015

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  1. stu180101

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    Jun 1, 2009
    Blackwood, South Wales
    Quarry Results | 18-Jan-2015
    Quite a tricky course today (thank you course setters) - made a little more special; by the picturesque view of God’s snow blanketed garden.
    Fifteen shot course, two laps ... all score-draws on count-back, from lane one on first lap

    Name Gun Score Note
    1 Richard Bainton Walther 56 [/B]
    2 Pete Sparkes AirArms 55
    3 Tom Morgan Steyr 53
    4 Dan McMahon AirArms 53
    5 Peter Higgins Walther 52
    6 Matthew Mineure RAW 51
    7 Jason Bressington Walther 51
    8 Stuart James AirArms 51
    9 Kev Clarke AirArms 51
    10 Stuart Farr Walther 50
    11 Derick Stone AirArms? 48
    12 Ian Montgomery RAW 47
    13 Birthday boy Farr Daystate 46 Junior
    14 John Clarke AirArms 44
    15 Denny Lane AirArms 38
    16 Jason Weetch AirArms 35
    17 Harrison Mason AirArms 32 Junior
    18 Craig Gibbs AirArms 30
    19 Andrew Mason AirArms 30

    Top shooting Mr Bainton :lev

    Well done to Jnr Mason too - ’twas nice to see you beat your father, and nail the free stander :cool:

    See you all next week
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  2. johnd1

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    Aug 4, 2013
    south wales
    quarry hunters &furnace mill

    happy birthday mate should have said we would of got the magners out all the best john
  3. Dylan

    Dylan Magner's Man

    Dec 31, 2014
    Blackwood, South Wales
    Quarry Hunters
    Ta very much John! :D

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