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Discussion in 'Piston & Spring' started by Solomon Carrot, Feb 17, 2019.

  1. Solomon Carrot

    Solomon Carrot New Member

    Feb 17, 2019
    Air Arms Stand 2019 a gent suggested I ask for help on this forum.
    I have recently purchased my fisrt air rifle ( .177 Pro sport ) which I rate highly, but can't get on with the trigger.
    I have tried carefully to follow factory instructions but can not get it to perform as I would like.
    Can anyone suggest a gunsmith or engineer who could help.
    I am searching for the same type of performance as from my Anschutz target rifles.
  2. DEAN C.

    DEAN C. Steyr Convert

    Apr 27, 2009
    Emley Moor FTC
    Welcome Solomon.
    The triggers can be set up well, but not quite to Anschutz standards. I don't think most gunsmiths will have a clue about setting them up, unless they are specialist air rifle tuners, and I prefer to do it myself, but it is a balancing act. It helps with the stock off so you can see what you are altering as you adjust.
    There are a few instructions about if you look up the manuals. There were direct links on the AA manufacturers site if they still have them on there, if not they were on the Air arms owners forum.
  3. Solomon Carrot

    Solomon Carrot New Member

    Feb 17, 2019
    Thank you for looking at the post.
    I've spent some time and found instructions but after many attempts I have started to dout if its my ability to follow them or the trigger itself.
    I was looking for suggestions of specialist air rifle tuners who I could turn to for help, fitting a different unit in to my pro sport.
    At the shooting show on Friday I was told the man who could help me had left the company, whilst they knew who I would need to speak to they were reluctant to send me outside of Air Arms and suggested here.
    I dont mind paying the going rate for the work and if you can suggest any contacts I would be grateful.
  4. Recoiling Rob

    Recoiling Rob Member

    Apr 16, 2009
    Hi Solomon

    You could try this...

    With the action out of the stock
    Take the first stage adjustment screw (the one at the front of the trigger blade in the picture)and screw it out several turns so that you are only dealing with the second stage adjustment (the one underneath)

    With the action on the bench with the trigger blade pointing upwards.
    Looking down onto the Trigger assembly
    You will see in front of the trigger blade a part of the latching assembly inside of the trigger unit
    It looks like a bar with a thin slot in it.
    If you take a suitable sized "pusher" (I use a wooden dowel) that will fit you can push the latch down and it will engage the sears and set the safety button
    This means you can now "re-set" the trigger without compressing the mainspring for adjustment

    Press the safety into the off position and pull back the trigger blade slowly and it will "Click" when it gets to its let off point ...
    You can now screw the second stage screw in or out to position the let off point of your preference by resetting the sears and checking any adjustments that you have made

    the further back you position the let off point the longer the first stage will be....
    If you set the let off point too far back there is a danger that the rifle can fire when the safety is released without touching the trigger so be careful when testing

    Once you have set the let off point on the second stage, start winding in the first stage screw one full turn at a time and then trying the trigger reset and let off as before
    You should feel the first stage start to take effect
    Keep turning in the first stage screw by one full turn at a time (there will be lots of "creep" on the second stage to start with) until the trigger loses the second stage all together and just lets off without feel..
    At this point screw the first stage out by 1/4 turns until the second stage returns

    By now you will have the hang of the adjustments and should screw the first stage adjuster back in in and out in smaller increments until you get the first stage to meet the second stage and by fine tuning this point of contact until squeezing from there it should feel like a glass rod breaking without any creep.

    When you are happy with the set up you will need to consider the weight of pull
    Behind the trigger blade there is a grub screw usually about flush with the body
    By turning that in you will increase the weight of pull (on both stages), turning out will make them lighter
    The weight adjustment is delicate but if you need to alter it just use small adjustments as there is not a lot of room for movement

    When you are done reassemble into the stock and try a few pellets
    you may need to fine tune once the mainspring is part of the firing cycle but you can do that without dismantling the action from the stock

    I hope this helps

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