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    Feb 22, 2013
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    Quite incidentally I spotted an offer made by GRUMPS to a member who had advertised in the Wanted - For Sale section that he was after a scope.
    I spotted GRUMPS offer and requested, by PM, that if the OP didn't take him up on the offer, could he please forward some pics/details to myself [Email addy provided]
    This he did. We subsequently discussed the matter via PMs, not through Sales section; and I went to see/collect/pay for the scope this morning.
    The item was exactly as described. It was set up so that I could see through it clearly and check anything I wanted to. A brief history was provided, and the deal was done. :)

    I would like merely to state that, in my opinion, GRUMPS is a genuine sincere seller, whom I would have no hesitation in doing business with again. I would certainly recommend him as a man of integrity.

    Thank you Grumps. :)
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