Portuguese FT National Championship 2009

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    Portuguese FT National Championship 2009

    The competition was organized by APFT, in the field of the club in Outil \ Coimbra, with 16 lanes and 31 targets; the weather was ok: 18 ºC and no wind.

    There were 40 shooters, representing 9 clubs; 11 in Spring Class and 29 in PCP Class.

    The final results were:

    - Spring Class:

    1 ª João Gomes, CTC, 24/31, 77%, AA Tx200;
    2 ª Paulo Gomes Pinto, CTC, 24/31, 77%, AA Tx200;
    3 º Rui Campos, CTC, 23/31, 74%, AA Tx200.

    - PCP Class:

    1 ª Luis Monteiro, APFT, 31/31, 100%, Walther LG300;
    2 ª António Cortes, APFT, 30/31, 97%, Walther LG300;
    3 º Jorge Batalha, CFM, 29/31, 94%, Walther LG300.

    Pictures are here

    Kind regards,
    Paulo Guimarães

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