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Pistol HFT @ Lea Valley 3/7/10

Discussion in 'Hunter (HFT) & Field Target (FT)' started by clubshot, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. clubshot

    clubshot Member

    Nov 14, 2008
    North London - UK
    Our Normal Monthy Pistol HFT is being run this Saturday

    Open to All Legal Air Pistols

    Three Class's
    Open sights
    Red Dot
    4 X Scoped

    10 Special Pistol Targets - Knock down - 5 Shots per Target

    Even Brocock Tac Pistols - Licenses must be shown ;)

    Starts @ 11am

    In the Afternoon the Speed Plates - are coming out
    When you get a chance to try your hand

    Shooting Multi Shot CO2 Pistols @ up to Five Steel Plates - Against the Clock

    Usual Green Fee of £5.00 Adults / £2.50 Pensioners & Juniors
    Includes Hot Drinks - All Day

    £2.00 Entry Fee - Competition



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