Oaks Cancervive Charity Shoot Results

Discussion in 'News and Results' started by Charles44, Aug 31, 2015.

  1. Charles44

    Charles44 Member

    Aug 25, 2010
    Well done to everyone who braved the weather to take part in todays competition.
    Highlights must be:
    Mike Burgess scoring 59 - sadly dropping the last shot..... (he will be having words with Mr Byford about target 15!)
    We had 6 competitors who had never tried HFT before and I hope enjoyed themselves - I know they really appreciated the time from the shooters they were paired with, Nigel Buchan in particular said he learnt lots!
    Obviously one of the main aims of the day was to raise some money for Cancervive and I am please to say we have been able to pass them £429.
    Thanks again to Claire at Air Arms and Nick at Get Airgun for the raffle prizes and Paul, Helene and Isobel for keeping us fed and watered and Lewis for helping Marshal. Finally thanks to all who pulled the field in so quickly.

    Name HFT Score Name HFT Score Total
    Ian Clark 58 Stuart Tennent 55 113
    Damien Walker 56 Geoff Ryder 56 112
    Phil Jacobs 57 Rick Bowell 54 111
    Simon Vant 57 Brigette Vant 52 109
    Simon Whittick 52 Aaron Friend 56 108
    Jill Cochrane 55 Will South 53 108
    Kevin Hills 52 Maciek Pajek 48 100
    Nigel Tostevin 44 Kim Lum 55 99
    Stuart Peal 51 Matt Doughty 47 98
    Kevin Wickson 47 Keith Warburton 48 95
    Jean Greatrex 51 Lisa Bowell 44 95
    Dan Latham 40 Lewis Hodges 55 95
    David Henderson 46 Mike Seagrave 47 93
    Finn Cochrane 46 Vince Guy 45 91
    Justin Raynor 57 Michael Arkwell 31 88
    Mike Burgess 59 David Randall 28 87
    Nigel Buchan 55 Amanda Arkwell 31 86
    Gary Morrison 50 Brian Shadbolt 32 82

    Look forward to seeing you all next, the week after, the week after that .
  2. DreamGenie

    DreamGenie M.A.D. Air Arms HFT team

    Mar 29, 2011
    What a great day! Well worth running the gauntlet of a very wet M25, and the rain held off for most of the shoot so we only got a little damp!!

    A well thought out course and I thoroughly enjoyed shooting round with Lisa. We certainly had a good laugh, and not a bad score either!! :D

    Well done to the winners, not much difference in the final scores. The partnering of novices and ninjas was a great idea!!

    Thanks to everyone who kept us fed and watered, and to Charles for supervising us so efficiently!

    Thanks, too, to Geoff for the travelling company. I could have nodded off waiting in the queue to get through the Dartford tunnel!! (Thought the new "no barrier" idea was to stop all the queueing?!) :confused:

    Looking forward to seeing some of you at the Air Arms shoot next weekend, not to mention the Masters and the Meon Valley shoot the week after!!

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