NW Showdown (Tawd Vale) 2011

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    Apr 6, 2009
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    The North West Showdown 2011

    Well done!* to the Hills, Dave Hill winning the Showdown 2011 Trophy and Chris Hill winning the shield with Tom Dawson wining the Top SFT the top SFT score on the day.
    There were some real scraps going on all day with some surprise early knockouts.* It was a very good day as usual. With an excellent course put out by Tawd Vales Orange team.

    There was some excellent food supplied and by Ammar and Steve H, and drinks provided by Tony Holt.

    We also had the Summer NWFTA prize?s with Trophies going to the following:-

    AA Grade
    1st Rob O@Neill
    2nd Dave Schofield
    3rd Andy Finigan

    A Grade
    1st Paul Dunwoody
    2nd Jay Faruk
    3rd Steve Parker

    Open Grade
    1st Graeme Cave
    2nd Ammar Ghazi
    3rd Andy Cave

    1st Tom Dawson
    2nd Barry Cunliffe
    3rd Graham Lambert

    With a prize also going to all those who took part in the Summer GP's 2011.*

    On a very long enjoyable day!
    Pics to follow

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