Northwest Winter Gauntlet R4 Oldham 8/1/2012

Discussion in 'News and Results' started by Dave Ramshead, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. Dave Ramshead

    Dave Ramshead England HFT Team squatter

    Apr 16, 2009
    Preston, Lancs
    Rivington Riflemen
    Many thanks to Oldham for hosting the round and to Nige & Sarah as usual for keeping us fed

    With 100 shooters in attendance on a cold, wet & dreary winters day, it's a fantastic sign of confidence for the Gauntlet series & hosting clubs. Well done to all involved in making the series one of the strongest in the UK.

    Congrats has to go to Don Edge on joining the red badge club in style with a superb clearance, an excellent demonstration of getting to grips with the new 2012 UKAHFT format.
    I must also mention a superb score of 58 from the North Wests very own Hilda Ogden (WOKI) who seems to have found something today - other than a bag of spare mildots, Well done Geoffrey

    The marshalling team pulled target 4 at the close of the round, so I have corrected peoples scores to reflect the change.

    Name Club Score
    Don Edge OL 60
    Geoff Watkinson RR 58
    Dave Ramshead RR 58
    Steve Goacher FM 58
    Rick Ardern HG 58
    Chris Morton RR 57
    Paul Livesey OL 57
    Nick Bates FM 57
    Andy Jones 56
    Dave Martin HG 56
    Samie Ramshead RR 56
    Steve Oultram RR 56
    James McLachlan RR 55
    Lee Meadows RR 55
    Bruno Aiello OL 54
    Phil Sharples RR 54
    Mark Wilson 54
    Ray Ross RR 54
    Craig Rochell CL 54
    Simon Howarth 54
    Pete Minchin 54
    Dave Benyon RR 53
    Mike O'Connor OL 53
    Colin Wilkinson 53
    Andy McLachlan RR 53
    Andy Wilson RR 53
    Si Belcher HG 53
    Steve Taylor RR 52
    Matt Brookes OL 52
    Derek Whittingham 52
    John Rawnsley RR 52
    Mick McTighe HG 52
    Dave Duncan CH 52
    Ian Unsworth RR 52
    Harry Thornley RR 52
    Greg Morss 52
    Ian Whiteside OL 51
    Jim Harney OL 51
    Bill Jones FO 51
    Chris Tucker RR 51
    Roger Arnold FM 51
    Stuart Bell SP 51
    Martin Thorpe 51
    Sam Oultram RR 50
    Elliot Compton MAD 50
    Scott Clark FO 50
    Emily Clark FO 50
    Phil Gibbs 50
    Harry Compton MAD 49
    Tommy Russell FM 49
    Steve Wilson RR 49
    Ed Belcher HG 49
    Nigel Jones FO 49
    Nigel Smith HG 48
    Phillip Mykytiuk RO 48
    Stephen Wardle RO 48
    Chris Baker 48
    Phoebe Brookes OL 48
    Mikey Heathcote HG 47
    Matthew Lockett OL 47
    Ken Cross RR 47
    Drew Thompson FO 47
    Matt Ford HG 47
    Mike Franklin FO 47
    Lee Griffiths FO 46
    Alan Davies Wi 46
    John Sayer BL 46
    Scott Griffiths FO 45
    Chris Ely TV 45
    John Morgan OL 45
    David Gaskell RR 45
    Ian Lockett OL 45
    Paul Thelwell FO 45
    Alan Henderson RO 45
    Connor Ford HG 45
    Tony Allen FO 44
    Richard Lees SP 44
    Rick Hallam FO 43
    Mark Smith FO 43
    Simon Harrison TV 43
    Ian Paul RR 43
    Max Livesey OL 43
    Simon Downes FO 42
    Emily Roberts FO 42
    Hugo Compton MAD 42
    Steven Adshead RO 41
    Paul Blair RR 41
    David Connor RO 41
    Darren Taylor RO 40
    Sophie Smith FO 40
    Martin Roe HG 40
    Matthew Adshead RO 39
    Adam Griffiths FO 39
    Ken Gould HG 37
    Alf Howarth RR 36
    Rachel Unsworth RR 36
    Heather Whitby FO 36
    Ian McVinnie BL 36
    Ian Roberts FO 35
    Alan Meadows RR 34

    The following cards had the issues listed:

    Lee meadows - No surname on card
    Ken Cross - No surname on card
    Martin Roe - Unsigned by shooting partner
    Matt Ford - Unsigned by shooting partner
    Steven Wardle - Unsigned by shooting partner
    Lee Meadows - Unsigned by shooting partner
    Connor Ford - Unsigned by shooting partner
    Simon Downes - Unsigned by shooting partner
    Mathew Locket - 46 to 47 - mistotalled
    Derek Whittingham - 53 to 52 - mistotalled
    Hugo Compton - 43 to 42 - mistotalled
    Bill Jones - 52 to 51 - mis totalled
    Simon Harrison - 45 to 43 mis totalled

    Worth a reminder at the next shoot briefing to fill your cards in properly!
  2. popsheep

    popsheep Lee Marvin & the Shadows

    Apr 17, 2009
    WOKI the man

    Well done Woki ,theres hope for us oldens yet,well done
  3. g.l.w

    g.l.w Wonky

    Apr 16, 2009
    Haydock, Merseyside
    Thanks Ian.....:D:D

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