HFT Nomads Boxing Day Shoot 2019

Discussion in 'News and Results' started by Nomads HFT, Dec 29, 2019.

  1. Nomads HFT

    Nomads HFT Well-Known Member

    Sep 27, 2015
    What a truly wonderful day! Granted, some of you may have noticed a hint of mud here and there, but we got everyone safely out of the car park and on their way – we always do.

    The course was in the woods, offering plenty of tricky elevated shots and, with no leaf on the trees, little to get in the way of the infamous Nomads wind, which left many wondering why the string blew sideways but the pellet flew straight, or vice versa.

    Top score of the day was an outstanding 56 by Kathy Thompson, closely followed by Sam Hemmings on 55, and in turn by Jacob Panting and Dave Ramshead on 54. Top springer score was 50 from Perry Broad and Nick Stanhope, with Perry ahead on count back, and Frank snapping at their heels.

    Positions on count back

    Kathy Thompson 56
    Sam Hemmings 55
    Jacob Pantling 54
    Dave Ramshead 54
    Simon Minney 53
    Ian Ree 53
    Kevin Scott 52
    Chris Pantling 52
    Jason Cowan 52
    Dave Gallichan 51
    Michelle Parsons 51
    Mark Thompson 51
    Phil Tombs 50
    John Ferrier 50
    Dave Hemmings 50
    Ethan Pantling 50
    Ewan Pantling 50
    Dave Freeman 49
    Dave Hunter 49
    Phil Soper 48
    Tony Male 48
    Graham Cole 48
    Chris Collins 47
    Joff Haigh 47
    Ken Swift 46
    Stu Hill 45
    Matt Lee 44
    Mick Fern 44
    Paul Sefton 43
    Richard Entwhistle 41
    Ash Bailey 41
    Bob Clay 41
    John Holder 40
    Mike Towler 40
    Keith Daugherty 40
    Sarah Pantling 39
    Martyn Cooke 36
    Drew Hewlett 35
    Megan Bilton 34
    Laura McLennan 32 (Shot entire course standing)
    Keith Jones 29
    Andy Nye 27
    Andy Neale 21

    Perry Broad 50
    Nick Stanhope 50
    Frank Peterek 49
    Kristian Whale 48
    Dan Gordon 46
    Nick Aldridge 44
    Craig Mazurkiewicz 42
    Chris Whale 41
    Lee Malpass 35
    Ian Sheppard 31

    Mason Ryan 42
    Myra Parsons-Smith 36
    Tom Clarke 36

    And so to the thanks. A huge amount of thought goes into the route for each course, the placement of each and every target, and a huge amount of work goes into turning it all into reality, so thanks to Dave, Stu and Perry. Thanks also to our treasurers John and Lee, who not only handled the booking in, but also arranged the wonderful food, which was superbly cooked by Frank.

    Not least, thanks to everyone who came to Nomads today, some travelling considerable distances. The club arranges the course, but it’s you who make the event. EDIT: Also many thanks to those who brought prizes for the raffle.

    Wishing you all a Happy New Year, from all at Nomads.
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  2. AdyT

    AdyT Member

    Nov 2, 2016
    Thank you for all the work/ course setting this year guys. Really appreciate it.
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  3. Panch

    Panch Active Member

    Oct 25, 2014
    Misfits, Kingsley & Loughborough
    Thanks again all involved with Nomads, always one of our favourite shoots of the year.
    A really well set course, every target needed plenty of respect.....it would have been a course truly worthy of a national comp, enough said!
    Well done Kathy, brilliant shooting again:):)
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  4. Kathy T

    Kathy T Active Member

    Sep 8, 2012
    Market Harborough
    Thank you to all at Nomads for today's shoot, really enjoyed the course, you could tell a lot of hard work had gone into it, have a Happy New Year, Kathy and Mark
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  5. Bob Clay

    Bob Clay Member

    Dec 8, 2017
    Codnor FTC
    Enjoyed the comp today, well done the nomads crew. Also good to see Mr Jim Tyler and have a chat.
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  6. subaru swift

    subaru swift I don't have a solution, I just love the problem.

    Apr 2, 2010
    stoke on trent & bromsgrove
    Kingsley HFT & Furnace mill.
    Many thanks for a cracking well thought out course, I think we can all say a lot of thought went into it making it one of the best courses this year! That wind was a bit of a strange at times, but that's nomads for you....
    Catch you lot soon for another crack at this course.;)

    Well done Kathy top shooting, & hope Mark made your tea for you.:D

    Ps Thanks to Dave'F for the banter & everyone else for the laughs even Gra & Nick .
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  7. cowandchicken

    cowandchicken Member

    Oct 13, 2018
    Great day thanks guys. The course setting team has kept there high standards right to the end of the year.
    The courses have teased tickled and frustrated the best shooters in the country but above all brought us all together.
    Thank you for a fantastic year and look forward to seeing you all next year.:D
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  8. DaveF

    DaveF Member

    Aug 8, 2014
    Rowley Regis
    Furnace Mill
    What a great days shooting, wicked course as usual, well done everyone involved in setting the courses over the last year, your hard work is really appreciated by us all. A great turnout today, thanks to frank on the grill and Mick Boswell going round with a megaphone letting the whole course know when someone got a doughnut great laugh long may it continue thanks again Happy New Year to all the HFT shooters
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  9. Ash Bailey

    Ash Bailey Grumpy old sod!

    Nov 11, 2013
    Parkstone GC, Glevum, Nomads HFT.
    Thanks as always to the Nomads team, another excellent course.

    Thanks too to my shooting buddies Tony Male and Mick Fern. Great company, enjoyed the banter!

    Happy New Year / New decade to you all.
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