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    Sep 27, 2015
    The day started cool and pleasant, warming up to muggy as the morning wore on, with little in the way of wind.

    Elliott Compton topped the open class with 58, one point ahead of his brother Harry, and Tony Male, while Perry Broad top scored in the recoil class with 53, followed by Lee Malpass with 45.

    Positions on count back,

    Elliott Compton 58
    Harry Compton 57
    Tony Male 57
    Nathan Brown 56
    Kev Clarke 56
    Matt Curtis 56
    Mick Boswell 56
    Graham Cole 55
    Stuart James 55
    Adrian Tye 54
    Simon Jewkes 54
    Stu Hill 53
    Jason Cowan 53
    Ian Ree 52
    Dave Freeman 52
    Phil Soper 52
    Sam Hemmings 51
    Steve Lloyd 50
    Dave Gallichan 50
    Phil White 50
    Paul Brown 49
    Jon Myatt 48
    Paul Sefton 48
    Rich Halford 48
    Mike Towler 48
    Mike Hymas 48
    Kelly Searle 47
    Mason Ryan 46
    Bill Birch 45
    Dave Hemmings 45
    Jess Jewkes 38
    Oliver Ellis 36
    Andy Neale 29

    Perry Broad 53
    Lee Malpass 45
    Frank Peterek 43
    John Ferrier 43
    John Holder 40
    Kristian Whale 39
    Chris Whale 35

    Ian Buchanan 35

    Thanks to Mick and Jason for substantially modifying the course.

    PLEASE NOTE: Nomads will be closed next Sunday (11th) to allow the course setters time to prepare the ground for our round of the UKAHFT Nationals the following Sunday.
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  2. pbrown

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    May 27, 2016
    Thank you to the Nomads team for setting out a challenging and enjoyable course. Very much appreciated and looking forward to our next visit. :D
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