HFT Nomads 3rd. February

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  1. Nomads HFT

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    Sep 27, 2015
    Following an early hard ground frost, -3C almost still air, and weak winter sunshine, by kick off time it had clouded over, and around half an hour into the shoot, the sun reappeared, along with a wicked wind that steered pellets left and right, but failed to wipe a smile off a single face.

    In the open class, Dan Mcmahan and Phil Soper tied on 54, with Dan ahead on count back, while Perry Broad lead the recoil class with 45, ahead of Elliott Compton and Ken Pothecary with 43.

    Positions on count back

    Dan Mcmahan 54
    Phil Soper 54
    Stewart James 53
    Harry Compton 52
    Tony Male 51
    Bill Birch 50
    Dave Hunter 50
    Mick Boswell 48
    Kevin Scott 47
    Mick Hinett 47
    Kev Clarke 47
    Jason Cowan 47
    Mike Hymas 47
    Dave Freeman 44
    Ian Ree 43
    Ricky White 43
    Dave Hemmings 43
    Kelly Searle 43
    Phil White 42
    Kristian Whale 41 (Junior)
    Mike Towler 39
    D Smith 37
    Keith Plummer 37
    Drew Hewett 25
    D Brewer 21

    Perry Broad 45
    Elliott Compton 43
    Ken Pothecary 43
    Stu Hill 41
    Stew Searle 41
    Andrew Timmins 41
    Lee Malpass 39
    John Holder 36
    Chris Whale 36
    Chris Collins 36
    Frank Peterek 35

    Thanks to the course setters for substantially refreshing the course yesterday, to John for the signing in, to Mrs Whale for the delicious cakes, and to all who attended and contributed to the wonderful atmosphere at Nomads today.
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  2. cowandchicken

    cowandchicken Member

    Oct 13, 2018
    Well done everybody. The amount of faces that keep reappear week after week is testament that the Nomads are doing a great job at challenging and keeping shooters happy.
    Well done Nomad team:D
  3. Pidlar

    Pidlar Active Member

    Jun 27, 2013
    Well done to the top spots, a testing day for sure with those conditions.
    Thanks to my shooting partners Drew and Chris for a fantastic morning.
    Thanks to all who travelled to support us.

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