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    Mar 4, 2010
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    Hallo chaps. It is 11 months since my brush with mortality and the pain and discomfort of cracked ribs due to enthusiastic resusitation is a distant memory now. However I still have the legacey of being unable to use the arc welder. My thanks to the many people who enquire after my health. Fortunately my collegue Paul comes for 2 hours every Friday and welds all the items I have produced during the week. The arrangement works well.

    I have recently supplied mixed item orders to various individuals in Portugal and France. Interestingly one item also went to Azabijarn. (!) During February Malta had a supply of 15 Field targets. It is easy for us to assume that these countries have access to firearms which are denied to us, so why would they want air rifles? I believe the high quality from some of our manufacturers is the attraction.

    An interesting development worth mentioning is my recent supply to Idleback Chairs in Rotherham of 60 non animal Field targets with specially modified bases for their indoor range. The feature of these is no reset cords and a pneumatic ram under each target which resets the 10 targets in each lane. Good old TNT nearly messed this up by misplacing one of the 3 boxes containing the targets.

    I am at present working through 48 Field targets for Terry Almond on behalf of Tawd Vale Club. I also have a steady flow of orders for Practice Field targets which is a pleasant surpise considering everybody and their son and chinese relative is producing copies of my "knock up knock down" mechanism. By the way I do make these practice versions using the non animal shapes which are not shown and I can fit reducing wings at the base to cover the 40mm reset disc.

    Well thats it for another month
    Derek Peckover

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