Nmhft winter series rd4 20/01/19

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    I've been asked for the scores for those that don't do Facebook where they were listed by Jim.
    Hopefully it works and there's also a link for updated scores, I'm not the best at this type of thing :p
    We allow those wanting to practice FT, use sticks or stools to participate under an "assisted" banner.

    * So round 4 all done and dusted, another good course from our resident course setter with some tricky little shots to keep us on our toes! well done to Liam Todd for topping the tables with a 56, top bombing! also a PB of 50 for Bernard Todd, a good score from Peter Muir with 51 in .22 class welll done! a few new faces today which is always nice to see. Series scores can be viewed here: NMHFT Scores - Winter Series: 2018/19
    So the scores on the doors today are as follows:
    Liam Todd Open 56
    Jim Ferry Open 55
    Peter Rafferty Assisted 52
    Pete Muir .22 51
    Bernard Todd Assisted 50
    Chris Donnelly Open 48
    Ryan Tomlinson Open 47
    Dave Dresser Open 47
    Mark Harris Recoiling 47
    Andy Corbett .22 46
    Darrin Lloyd Open 45
    Danni Miller Open 45
    Phil Thoburn .22 45
    Brenda Rafferty Assisted 44
    Mel Catalanotto Open 43
    Jo Catalanotto Open 43
    Peter Miler Open 42
    Kyle Plummer .22 41
    Seb Donnelly Open 41
    Brett Collingwood Open 39
    Geoff Baldwin .22 39
    Gareth Minns .22 39
    Simon Risbrough .22 33
    Andrew Dale .22 32
    Mick Austin .22 32
    Karl Hewitson Open 31
    Carl Edmundson .22 31
    Aaron Simpson .22 27
    Look forward to seeing you all next month for round 5.

    (An edit from myself here for STB but look at all those lovely .22 shooters. It's the future I keep telling you all!)
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