New Walther Dominator "Crosman" for sale in Germany

Discussion in 'Walther' started by sven, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. sven

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    Dec 11, 2009
    Arnhem, The Netherlands
    FT Schalkhaar / SSV Ons Genoegen
    Just to let you know that there is an as new Walther Dominator "special" for sale on
    Not my gun, and I do not have any connection with the seller.

    It's a Dominator type system in a right hand white and blue laminate stock. Has the first type regulator and pin cocking lever so it is an older rifle, has an 50216 serial no. so my guess would be its built around 2003-2005??? (it's a pity the Walther Dominator register thread on here does not specify the manufacturing year with the serials)
    Very peculiar is the "Crosman" mark on the left had side of the breechblock where normally the "LG Dominator" name is.
    My guess is that it is a Dominator made for the US market or gun show but never sold there and now Walther is clearing out their stocks and put it in an LG300 stock they had around.

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