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    National Association of Target Shooting Sports Press Release, February 2009

    Promoted by the Clay Pigeon Shooting Association, the National Rifle Association, the National Small-bore Rifle Association and British Shooting

    Following a recent meeting of the Steering Group of the four Promoters, the Group is pleased to announce that it has been granted £750,000 by Sport England for the period 2009-2013 for the development of a Whole Sport Plan at ‘grass roots level in England. The Grant will be receivable in stages from April 2009 and will be managed by a company owned jointly by the CPSA, NRA and NSRA. This is regarded as a major breakthrough for Target Shooting Sports.

    As a consequence of the enormous amount of work involved in the Whole Sport Plan, the project for developing proposals for the future merger of the National Governing Bodies has been delayed and a period will now follow while detailed work is resumed by the various working groups. These will be dealing with such matters as future management and organisation structure, a common communication approach, finance and membership. Special attention will be given to ensuring fairness of access to resources and future freedom of action of the various target shooting disciplines.
    In addition to promoting this long term work the Steering Group also considered proposals for the jointly owned company to carry out a range of activities on behalf of the three Governing Bodies where this can achieve demonstrable short term benefits.
    The second Key Stakeholders Forum is now planned for later in the year.

    Note: Detailed reports of progress of NATSS are published from time to time and can be accessed via the websites of any of:

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