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MVAC Bowman Classic charity shoot in support of Help 4 Heroes (Hen Woods) [06 May, 2018]

Discussion in 'Calender Events' started by mike, Mar 12, 2018.

MVAC Bowman Classic charity shoot in support of Help 4 Heroes
Start Date: 06 May, 2018 10:00 AM
End Date: 06 May, 2018 03:00 PM
Time Zone: Europe/London +01:00 BST

Hen Woods
please check our web page www.mvac.co.uk for directions

Posted By: mike

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  1. mike

    mike Member

    Apr 23, 2013
    Meon Valley Airgun Club MVAC
    The Bowman Classic Charity Shoot May 6th 2018

    Meon Valley Airgun Club along with the sponsors Bowman Ales have agreed that year’s event is to be held as a charity shoot in support of Help for Heroes.

    Following on from the very successful format that MVAC have used, this year’s shoot will be another HFT & Tactical Gamble fun challenge with an HFT pistol shoot.

    The date for this fantastic event (and one that should not be missed) is set for May 6th at MVAC Hen Woods site.

    There will be a prize raffle draw and Help 4 Heroes goodies.

    The Airgun Industry has been very generous in supporting this competition, having donated a huge number of prizes, so please bring plenty of money with you

    We will also have our wonderful burger van on site to make sure you don’t go hungry.

    The format for the Charity shoot will be:

    UKAHFT 20 pegs, 20 Targets
    Tactical Gamble 25 pegs, 25 Targets

    The HFT part of the course is 20 pegs, 20 Target, 2018 UKAHFT rules apply

    (no that’s not a typo, yes only 20 targets )

    Scoring, 2 for a kill, 1 for a plate and 0 for a miss.

    Tactical Gamble
    The Tactical Gamble part of the course will consist of 25 pegs, 25 Target’s between 8 & 45 yards, shot either Standing or Kneeling.

    Shots must be Standing or Kneeling Only.

    When you approach each lane and BEFORE you look through the scope you must decide/elect to shoot or not to shoot the target.

    Scoring is:

    Zero (0) Points for no shot fired (if you decided not to shoot that target)

    Kneeling Shots
    + 2 Point for a Kill – 2 Points for a plate or a miss

    Standing Shots
    + 3 Point for a Kill – 3 Points for a plate or a miss

    HFT Pistol
    A 15-target fun pistol shoot will be available for those that wish to take part, you can use your own pistol or one that will be provided by MVAC, and your chance to win a pack of Bowman’s Ale (if a Junior win than an alterative prize will be available) there will be a small donation of a £1 to enter the Pistol shoot.

    Highest overall total score from the 2 disciplines will be the overall winner.

    There will also be a Winner’s class in the HFT as well as the Tactical Gamble

    We will be combining the .22/Recoiling as one Class.

    Trophy’s for:

    1st & 2nd, Open Class
    1st & 2nd, .22/Recoiling Class
    1st & 2nd, Veteran Class (60 yrs. and over)
    1st & 2nd, Junior Class.

    The Winner’s of each class (Juniors an alternative prize will be available) + the highest scoring .22 and Recoiling shooter & the Overall Champion will all receive a pack of Bowman BEER!

    Entry is just £10.00 per adult or £5.00 per junior, which buys you a fantastic fun day. Signing-in is from 8.30am, with the safety brief at 9.50am and a start time of 10.00am


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