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  1. AndyIoW

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    Nov 8, 2008
    Isle of Wight
    This Winter season I have been trying to take pictures of our clubs score cards once all have finished shooting, mainly to see if 'we' have managed to hit all of them on each course. I/we can then look at them afterwards to see if there was a common lane/target that gave grief.

    So after the Newbury round of the Winter League I have been looking at the score cards and for us as a club we all missed number 6. I have taken on board something that Simon (NJR100) does and put a small dot on the card of each of my misses so I can then look at them afterwards and see how I can improve. Am encouraging the others in the club to mark the misses if where they see or think they missed.

    Dropped a total of 10 4 in positional (as follows) 2 due to me going slightly backwards (feet higher than backside) so went at about just outside kill at 1 o'clock. the other 4 were wind related (target 6) R-L wind compared to L-R on the previous lane and target 5. The other 3 drifting to outside edge at 3 despite being outside kill at 9

    Standers/kneelers are my downfall at the moment as I take all kneelers standing due to not being able to bend my right knee enough to kneel correctly (only bends just over 90 deg). So I got the first pair of standers, missed the 1st pair of kneelers (edged both at 3) missed the second pair of standers(edge at 12 ) but got the second pair of kneelers :confused: .

    So for me I will need to practice standers more and working on loosing the width round the middle :eek: to get a little bit more comfortable.

    Roll on Wendover
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    Apr 28, 2010
    Leende, NL
    We always work out the scores in depth with the course layout.
    Also additional info as weather conditions are noted and published in pdf format.
    This way you can see, after some courses, where there is a trend in misses.
    An example can bee seen here,
    After I saw this at the worlds in Italy it seemed a good idea to offer this to the shooters over here as well.

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