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  1. Kathy T

    Kathy T Active Member

    Sep 8, 2012
    Market Harborough
    A beautiful sunny day met us for Misfits Matchplay knockout competition. There was just enough wind to make things interesting. We had 58 shooters out of a maximum 64. There were 3, 10 shot courses with a Knockout format against your opponent. The maximum score was 20 per course.

    Thank you to everyone who came, we hope you enjoyed the format and come back for another go next year.

    Thank you to all course setters, Black course – Kev Gaunt and David Nicholls. White course – Bruce, Andrea and Anthony Marshall. Yellow course - Mark and Kathy Thompson.

    Bonus Bunny winners
    Simon Jones - £20
    Mike Everson - £20
    Katy Ellis - £10
    Bruce Marshall £5
    Elliott Compton £3

    Snooker Winner – Pete Richmond – Bottle of Bourbon
    Snooker Runner up – Mick Fern – 3 bottles of beer

    First round saw everyone in the Matchplay. Names were drawn at random.

    Yellow Course Results
    Jess Ellis 13 vs Iain Spicer 11
    Simon Hilton 15 vs James Mclachlan 18
    Gordon Smith 14 vs Lee Ellis 13
    Neil Tatton 15 vs Dave Smith 15 – Neil won on shoot off
    Kieran Spicer 14 vs Mick McTighe 18
    Elliott Compton 16 vs Kev Gaunt 19
    Andy Jones 13 vs Chris Pantling 14
    Katy Ellis 12 vs Steve Watson 14
    Andy Hope 17 vs Andrea Marshall 15

    Black Course Results
    Bruce Marshall 17 vs Simon Jones 19
    Nick Yates 17 vs David Nicholls 12
    Anthony Marshall 13 vs Greg Hensman 13
    Jacob Pantling 12 vs Sarah Pantling 11
    Simon Howarth 14 vs Pete Richmond 13
    Matt Rawlings 16 vs Ian Howarth 14
    Dave Taylor 17 vs Steve Handby 16
    Simon Minney 17 vs Jamie Jackson 14
    Wayne Marriott 15 vs Thomas Ellis 15 – Wayne won on shoot off

    White Course Results
    John Ferrier 14 vs Darren Crofts 14 – Darren won on shoot off
    Dan Munton 12 vs Mick Daikin 14
    Becky Rawlings 19 vs Mick Fern 14
    Kathy Thompson 13 vs Harry Compton 13 – Kathy won on shoot off
    Marcus Munton 12 vs Mark Thompson 12 – Mark won on shoot off
    Clive Evans 14 vs Mike Everson 18
    Steve Elkington 12 vs Bert Tate 14
    Gordon Burns 17 vs Gavin Howling 15
    James Howling 14 vs Chris Hall 17
    Bryn Evans 13 vs Wayne Pearce 15
    Joanne Cogger 10 vs Rob Bates 13

    Winners from each course went through to Matchplay round 2. We also had the highest looser from each course going through to Matchplay round 2. White course Gavin Howling, Black course Bruce Marshall, Yellow course Elliott Compton. Everyone else was in the plate competition.

    People who shot black course moved to yellow. Yellow course moved to white and white course moved to black.

    Winners from each of the individual courses were then drawn against each other, losers from each course were drawn against each other for the plate.

    Matchplay Round 2 - Black Course Results
    Mike Everson 15 vs Rob Bates 14
    Chris Hall 12 vs Bert Tate 18
    Gordon Burns 13 vs Mick Daikin 14
    Darren Crofts 10 vs Gavin Howling 16
    Wayne Pearce 15 vs Mark Thompson 13
    Becky Rawlings 18 vs Kathy Thompson 13

    Plate Round 1 - Black Course Results
    Harry Compton 16 vs Joanne Cogger 17
    James Howling 14 vs Dan Munton 13
    Marcus Munton 15 vs Bryn Evans 15
    Steve Elkington 12 vs Mick Fern 15
    Clive Evans – Bye
    John Ferrier – Bye

    Matchplay Round 2 – White Course Results
    Elliott Compton 16 vs Neil Tatton 14
    Kev Gaunt 16 vs Gordon Smith 12
    Mick McTighe 14 vs Steve Watson 15
    Jess Ellis 10 vs James McLachlan 15
    Chris Pantling 17 vs Andy Hope 18

    Plate Round 1 – White Course Results
    Simon Hilton 14 vs Iain Spicer 14 – Simon won on shoot off
    Andrea Marshall 13 vs Dave Smith 14
    Katy Ellis 11 vs Kieran Spicer 15
    Andy Jones – Bye
    Lee Ellis – Bye

    Matchplay Round 2 – Yellow Course Results
    Jacob Pantling 13 vs Dave Taylor 20
    Simon Minney 15 vs Matt Rawlings 16
    Anthony Marshall 15 vs Simon Howarth 18
    Wayne Marriott 15 vs Bruce Marshall 17
    Simon Jones 17 vs Nick Yates 16

    Plate Round 1 – Yellow Course Results
    Steve Handby 16 vs David Nicholls 14
    Jamie Jackson 18 vs Thomas Ellis 15
    Sarah Pantling 13 vs Greg Hensman 15
    Pete Richmond – Bye
    Ian Howarth – Bye

    Winners from Matchplay round 2 went through to round 3. Losers from Matchplay round 2 went through to Spoon round 1. Winners from plate round 1 went through to round 2, losers from plate round 1 were out of the competition.

    We now had 16 competitors in the Matchplay, Plate and Spoon. This made 3 separate competitions. Names were redrawn for each of the competitions.

    Matchplay last 16 results – Black Course
    Simon Jones 13 vs Elliott Comton 17
    Andy Hope 16 vs Kev Gaunt 15
    Gavin Howling 15 vs James McLachlan 18
    Wayne Pearce 16 vs Dave Taylor 19
    Simon Howarth 13 vs Bruce Marshall 19
    Matt Rawlings 17 vs Becky Rawlings 16
    Bert Tate 15 vs Mike Everson 13
    Mick Daikin 16 vs Steve Watson 13

    Matchplay Quarter finals results – White Course
    Elliott Compton 18 vs Bert Tate 14
    Andy Hope 14 vs Dave Taylor 13
    James McLachlan 19 vs Mick Daikin 16
    Bruce Marshall 15 vs Matt Rawlings 16

    Matchplay Semi finals results – Yellow Course
    James McLachlan 18 vs Elliott Compton 18 – James won on shoot off
    Andy Hope 16 vs Matt Rawlings 14

    Matchplay Final results – Black Course
    James McLachlan 15 vs Andy Hope 11

    Plate last 16 results – Yellow Course
    Simon Hilton 15 vs Kieran Spicer 16
    Clive Evans 16 vs Steve Handby 18
    Joanne Cogger 13 vs James Howling 14
    Dave Smith 18 vs Mick Fern 16
    Ian Howarth 16 vs John Ferrier 15
    Marcus Munton 15 vs Lee Ellis 18
    Andy Jones 17 vs Pete Richmond 17

    Plate Quarter finals results – Black Course
    Greg Hensman lost vs Andy Jones won
    Ian Howarth 14 vs Kieran Spicer 14 – Kieran won on shoot off
    Lee Ellis 14 vs Steve Handby 12
    James Howling 11 vs Dave Smith 14

    Plate Semi finals results – White Course
    Kieran Spicer 12 vs Lee Ellis 11
    Dave Smith 14 vs Andy Jones 14 – Andy won on shoot off

    Plate finals results – Black Course
    Andy Jones 13 vs Kieran Spicer 13 – Andy won on shoot off

    Spoon last 16 results – White Course
    Jess Ellis 11 vs Neil Tatton 16
    Mick McTighe 14 vs Chris Hall 12
    Mark Thompson 15 vs Kathy Thompson 14
    Simon Minney 16 vs Chris Pantling 19
    Rob Bates 14 vs Wayne Marriott 14 – Wayne won on shoot off
    Gordon Burns 15 vs Darren Crofts 14
    Gordon Smith 12 vs Nick Yates 13
    Anthony Marshall 10 vs Jacob Pantling 11

    Spoon quarter finals results – Yellow Course
    Neil Tatton 16 vs Gordon Burns 19
    Jacob Pantling 15 vs Nick Yates 14
    Mick McTighe 12 vs Mark Thompson 17
    Chris Pantling 17 vs Wayne Marriott 15

    Spoon semi finals results – Black Course
    Gordon Burns lost vs Jacob Pantling won
    Mark Thompson 11 vs Chris Pantling 13

    Spoon finals results – Black course – Father and son battle!
    Jacob Pantling 10 vs Chris Pantling 14

    Congratulations to all winners and runners up.
  2. handbylt

    handbylt New Member

    Feb 4, 2013
    TCom.hft+Kingsley HFT
    Well done misfits ...again ...great fun and very professionally run...as usual....
    amazingly fast results kathy..did you make mark do his own tea..(especially as he knocked you out)
  3. Kathy T

    Kathy T Active Member

    Sep 8, 2012
    Market Harborough
    Yes, Mark did have to do his own tea! Too busy typing results to be cooking!!:)

    Also thankyou to the Ellis family for letting us use their land again
  4. Ceathreamhnan

    Ceathreamhnan WHFTA Champion 2013

    Nov 14, 2011
    That must have been fairly complicated to run: well done Misfits
  5. hammerthief

    hammerthief Member

    May 26, 2015
    No worries Kathy, glad we could help again. Nice to see so many happy shooters. Will make sure we mow more next time! I wonder what the next venue will be? Same place or an alternative.....

  6. handbylt

    handbylt New Member

    Feb 4, 2013
    TCom.hft+Kingsley HFT
    Same place hopefully...that wind is DEMON..:D
  7. dnic

    dnic Share the Love

    Dec 5, 2012
    Blacky More, Northampton
    Misfits, Australia OMT
    A brilliant day and format. Thank you Nick & Steve for the company/banter on the courses we shot together.

    Course setters and helpers, with out you, it wouldn't of happened. Many thanks to those that stayed behind to help pull in the course after the shoot.

    Kathy, "Wonder Womann" for organising the draw and getting the results up in an amazing quick time.

    A huge thank you to the Ellis family, your support and help is very much appreciated.

    Well done to all the winners, Hoping everyone had a great day.

    Lastly. Ian Howarth, who is know known as " your last call, ever!"

    Last edited: Sep 7, 2015
  8. regsie

    regsie Member

    Apr 29, 2009
    Nr haverhill , suffolk
    Cambridge HFT
    A big thank you to the misfits for a great day out !
    A great comp and A huge pat on the back to Kathy who managed to keep on top of all the different rounds and results.:)
    Well done misfits and the landowners a great venue.
  9. stillwater

    stillwater Well-Known Member

    Apr 16, 2009
    Think we where truly blessed with the weather yesterday
    Which made for a very enjoyable Competition.
    Thanks to the Ellis family for their continued support and to everyone that helped out with either setting up or packing away at the end of a long day.
    I am hopeful that this comp will become a permanent fixture on the calendar and that the winners of each section will be back next year to defend their titles.

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