Millride Final Batch

Discussion in '2013 Events' started by Strokebloke, Nov 12, 2013.

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    The last eight shots, but by no means least, from Millride.

    Thanks for looking.
    Greyhound next :D

    I was really impressed by the setting of Millride. I would image that it is equally impressive with the snow on the ground. Cold, no doubt, but ........ :) It is worth getting up early on a Sunday morning for the opportunity to see views like this


    The Spanish guy from Far Coley turned up again. Shot well too. :rolleyes: :)


    Brewitt ~ another 'springer' Maestro


    Looking at these, the inexperienced/unwise (me) at first thought that it would be difficult to miss either of them. I soon learned. (and missed them both)
    The sun in the morning made them almost impossible to see. Only to the uninitiated though. Neale knocked them both over, without any apparent effort. (AA shooter :)) I'm beginning to recognize that the top guys do it without appearing put much effort in; whilst also recognizing that this apparent ease, is the result of putting countless hours & hours of practice in.


    Here is another shooter out of the same mould. (AA ???) I wouldn't be surprised


    You would imagine that this is difficult to miss, wouldn't you?

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