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    Nov 21, 2013
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    Mile Oak
    I've just learned that Mile Oak Club have decided to rearrange the date of their Open Shoot on 13th September in order that their members can attend the Alex Boddy Memorial Charity Shoot at Meon Valley that is being held on the same day!

    Myself and all the members of MVAC are enormously grateful for what you have done, and can promise all of you a very warm welcome and a first class day's sport in return.

    I make no apology for banging the drum once again about this particular charity shoot, especially as it is open to both FT and HFT shooters (MVAC member Alex Boddy having been an FT shooter). There are trophies for 1st-3rd places in both FT and HFT classes, and as both will be shooting the same course, it will be VERY interesting to see which discipline comes in with the highest score

    Add in a long and impressive list of raffle prizes thanks to the generosity of Air Arms, Solware UK Ltd, the World Hunter Field Target Association and several others, and with all money raised going to the Rosemary Foundation Charity that did so much for Alex and his wife Judit, you can see why this shoot is shaping up to be the biggest and very best that Meon Valley Airgun Club has ever staged in our very beautiful grounds at Hen Woods, near East Meon.

    Just £10 to enter, so whether you shoot FT or HFT do come along and help raise some much-needed funds for a very worthwhile and often-overlooked charity - and above all, do you bit to help ensure that the FT boys don't come away with all the bragging rights ;) (not that I'm biased!)

    Big thanks to all at Mile Oak Club once again, and the rest of the chaps from Sussex who are coming along.

    The nearest postcode is GU32 1HY, and the track off of the road will be signposted. Further details about the Club and our location can be found on
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    Apr 23, 2013
    Meon Valley Airgun Club MVAC
    Couldn't agree with you more Nick!

    It's fantastic to see just how much support we are getting from both the FT & HFT shooting community.

    But as the say "more's the merrier" so please....if you haven't got anything planed or even if you have, get along to MVAC and support a worth while cause, and have the chance to mix with a different style that you may have never tried.

    HFT & FT shooting side by side.... now that's how we used to do it when Alex was still with us....great fun and some serious mickey taking :D:D and no better way to honour Alex's memory :D

    We will be at the Air Arms shoot this Sunday, on mass to badger you even more :) :) so watch out :D


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