Midland Game Fair - Airgun Expo 19th & 20th September

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    Mar 11, 2009
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    The Midland Game Fair hosts the Worlds largest airgun showcase - Airgun Expo

    Airgun Expo is the annual showcase event of the Airgun Industry, and has long been the home of airgunning in the UK. Airgun Expo represents the most comprehensive exhibition of manufacturers and retailers of airguns and related products in the UK. Products from every major brand are available for you to buy, and the Sporting Airgun Ranges provide an opportunity to live fire airguns from all of the leading manufacturers. The central theme of the Midland Game and Country Sports Fair has and always will be shooting and shooting sports and Airgun Expo is one of the cornerstones of the event.

    Airgun Expo is also proud to host the European Field Target Championships. Attracting competitors from across Europe, the quality of competition is unparalleled. Because of this the European Championships is considered to be the most competitive event in the calendar by the Field Target community. Although hotly contested, competitors are always happy to show off their rifles, and discuss the sport with visitors. It's a great opportunity to see first hand the most sophisticated equipment in the sport.

    Airgun Expo is about getting involved in airgunning, whatever your level. The Airgun Training and Education Organisation (ATEO) offer expert tuition facilities for both adults and children, so you can "have a go" under the watchful eye of trained and accredited instructors. Once hooked, the Sporting Airgun Ranges organised by the Airgun Manufacturer and Trade Association (AMTA) give visitors an opportunity try out airguns from every major manufacturer, with the most spectacular targets imaginable, from fire breathing dragons, to Spanish galleons!

    Airgun Expo is also where the leading manufacturers launch new products, and representatives from every major airgun brand are on hand to demonstrate their product ranges. These are complimented by the UKs leading airgun retailers, and there is always a bargain to be had.

    see www.countrymanfairs.co.uk for further details.
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    Apr 17, 2009
    First class

    Its the best Game Fair by a country mile .Just a top event not to be missed with Airguns everywhere .

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