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Discussion in 'Equipment Reviews' started by RobF, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. RobF

    RobF Administrator Staff Member

    Mar 4, 2010
    New Forest, Hampshire
    Parkstone Gun Club, South Dorset FTC, Southampton Buccaneers
    First impressions...

    Had a chance to look through the 8-80 yesterday, so here's some impressions based upon a few minutes behind the thing.

    As usual, the build quality and operation is bang up to March's standard. I didn't get the chance to feel the wieght of the scope alone, so can't comment on that.

    John Harris put a 4.5" wheel on for the owner, and this provided gaps at the top end that were larger than my 10-60... ie more than adequate.

    Optically, on 80x you are starting to see the limitations of seeing (people who know glass will understand that comment better)... however it's still superb.... this is still way beyond the performance of most scopes on 1/2 it's mag. Sharpness is way beyond expectations, resolving fine detail as well as my eyesight could allow. Although the picture is darker, it's still very usable, and the clarity is superb. There was some chromatic aberration on white against a dark background, but not enough to upset you. Eye position needs to be critical, and it does take the eye a little time to learn to relax behind the picture... however, once done it's rangefinding is simply stunning. You simply cannot mistake 50 and 55yds in the same shot, because you'd have to be blind to say the two could be in focus together. This at 50-55 behaves like a leup comp does at 40-45 at best...probably more like 35-40, or even 30-35. The differenciation due to blur is immense...

    Performs very well on 50-60 as well.

    The catches are that there is a narrow field of view. Your going to need to have excellent NPA and hold to make the most out of this on 80x. Keeping a good position that allows you to keep it still is important.

    The ladder ret was fine, but I didn't think it was as fine as I thought it would be.

    I did notice some focus shift dropping the mag down well low, say below around 15-20, however the owner assured me the POI doesn't move, so perhaps this is just a side trait of a scope with a huge amount of zoom range.

    It came with target turrets which limit you to one turn, stopping you going a turn out. The turret allows 10MOA in one revolution, so for most that should be enough, but those with high mounts may want to enquire as to how this can be setup. I did try and take on board from the owner how they worked, but alas it wasn't sinking in... they very well could be setup to allow more turns, something for you to enquire about.

    All in all, for me, the glass performed up to expectations. The rangefinding is superlative and out of the ball park of being able to compare it to anything else. Like the 10-60 this is something you can learn very quickly. I thought the 10-60 was a step up from anything i've used, this buries it in comparison in rangefinding performance.

    Will it solve everything? Well, you're going to need very good technique to make the most out of this, so I wouldn't say that everyone should run out and grab one. But if you're in the market for this sort of scope at this price range, then this is definitely something you need to consider.

    Obviously it takes a long time to see how a scope performs in the real world under varying conditions. I'm sure there is glass out there that on lower mags some may prefer for one character over another... but on 80x this is a rangefinding beast. Time will tell on how consistent it is. But it's one I expect a few will be keeping an eye on how this runs.
  2. Anon

    Anon Non member

    I had a ggod look at this scope and was well errrmmm impressed, you can't fail to be.


    * At 80 mag standing on the rams, the ram fills the scope - definitely should not shoot the silhouettes on 80 mag if theres even the slightest hint of a breease. However, on a nice still day having the ram fill the scope concentrates the mind and you don't appear to wobble so much.

    * Rangefinding appeared to be spot on, but tested it in bright conditions, would like to give it a go in a dark wood to see how it performs. I have no doubts it will still perform but wouldn't like to say this without trying it.

    * Turrets, mag ring and sidewheel felt as they should, well as you'd expect on such an expensive piece of equipment.

    * Positioning the head is so critical at 80 mag. Anything less than perfect and you couldn't see through it.

    * Ret I had no problems with, was fine enough for me and provided enough aim points.

    I didn't notice the things Rob mentioned as I think you get sucked into looking at the new shiny toy rather than evaluating it subjectively.

    Would I buy one, this was the hot topic of debate. If I was a good enough shot and up at the top fighting it out then yes, well maybe. The question I would be asking would be looking back at my shooting diary how many targets I had missed due to rangefinding, if the answer was one or two per shoot then I would be orderring the scope rather than write this, if the answer was one target every so often then there is no way I would spend the money. The way I shoot at the moment I couldn't justify the expense of buying it or a pair for my rifles.


  3. chrispro97

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    Jun 10, 2009
    purley chase ftc
    i found it woz wicked on 40/50/60 mag for rangeing come the same bang on every time,with 80 mag i think i cant hold still anuff on high mag to giv me a clear picture as on 40/50/ etc,only thing i found is i would only use on fix like 40 or 50,i couldnt justify 3000 for rangeing because my leup comp givs me bang ranges just me cant read the wind some days,so it wouldnt gain anymore targets,but if i had the money mmmmmmmmmmmmmm,no i cant the misses would kill me lol
  4. steg

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    Aug 11, 2009
    Emley Moor
    Get em Bought you know you want to...(put one on my Anschutz)

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