MAD Wednesday League

Discussion in 'News and Results' started by Toucan59, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. Toucan59

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    Apr 22, 2009
    Mayland Essex
    Cambridge HFT
    MAD Wednesday League

    Just to let everyone know how they are doing, i have totted the scores up.
    With just the next 3 weeks to count towards the overall positions before we have the 5th Aug as a working evening prior to the Matchplay event.
    The handicap secretary has agreed that we should only count the best 6 from 10 as many people have been unable to shoot every week. This gives people the next three weeks to post scores as most have more than 3 already.
    He has also said something that I never thought I would hear, that he will be reviewing the handicaps for the remaining three weeks, to close the pack up. Might this mean handicaps going up ? Come along Wed night to find out if he keeps his word. Laity's might have go into double figures:eek:.
    Anyway the leaderboard looks like this.
    Richard Woods----------576.09---FROM 6
    Darren Quincey---------576.08---FROM 6
    Ray Hampton-----------565.43---FROM 6
    Jean Greatrex----------564.33---FROM 6
    Tim Bohr-----------------564.25---FROM 6
    Kyle Hampton-----------557.99---FROM 6
    Jennie Stone------------554.19---FROM 6
    Lloyd Davies------------531.76---FROM 6
    Simon Vant--------------517.83---FROM 6
    John Murray------------478.04---FROM 5
    Darren Lindsey---------471.20---FROM 5
    Richard Cunningham---466.15---FROM 5
    Roger Lait---------------413.37---FROM 5
    Dave Lillywhite---------363.16---FROM 4
    Simon Parker-----------298.21---FROM 3
    John Grice--------------271.89---FROM 3
    Dave Allum-------------270.85---FROM 3
    Alan Ahearn------------207.55---FROM 3
    Wayne Marriott--------191.53---FROM 2
    Paul Foyle--------------188.08---FROM 2
    Tony Ward-------------187.93---FROM 2
    Cameron Casey-------179.58---FROM 2
    Ian Bainbridge---------171.35---FROM 2
    Steve Ridge------------163.78---FROM 2
    Mike Hazelwood---------98.30---FROM 1
    Gary Chillingworth------94.83---FROM 1
    Matt Rawlings-----------93.55---FROM 1
    Robin Walter------------74.58---FROM 1
    Stuart Walter-----------69.49---FROM 1
    Will Swain---------------62.71---FROM 1
    Gareth WB--------------62.06---FROM 1
  2. popsheep

    popsheep Lee Marvin & the Shadows

    Apr 17, 2009
    Handicaps ,do they or should they change ??????

    I think i;ll shaft the top boys and give the likes of LAITY more shots as he must feel crap by been in that position every week


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