MAD Results Wed 3rd JUNE

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    MAD Results Wed 3rd June

    Another good evening at the club, some new faces adding to the numbers.

    Ray Hampton------------57----5---62
    Richard Cunningham----50---10---60
    Tim Bohr------------------57----3---60
    John Murray-------------56----3---59
    Richard Woods----------58----1---59
    Darren Lindsey----------59----0---59
    Matt Rawlings-----------48---10---58
    Lloyd Davies-------------51----6---57
    Ian Bainbridge-----------52----4---56
    Jenny Stone-------------53----2---55
    Simon Vant---------------49----6---55
    Kyle Hampton------------50----4---54
    Roger Lait----------------52----2---54
    John Grice----------------46----6---52
    Steve Ridge--------------39---10---49
    A Ahern------------------19---10---29

    Everyone will be welcome to come along on Sunday and shoot our monthly comp in the woods.

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