MAD Results Wed 1st JULY

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    Apr 22, 2009
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    MAD Results Wed 1st July

    Another evening spent at a great club with great company, unpredictable wind and lots of new faces.
    In total there were 21 people shooting tonight including 4 new members, 5 people joined the club during the evening, boosting the ever increasing numbers, everyone is welcome at MAD.
    New Junior member Cameron Casey scored a very good 50 on his first HFT, handicap will be applied before next week.
    Tonights handicap competition winner was Tony Ward who won the £17 with a score of 59. Well done.

    1. Tony Ward-----------49--10--59
    2. Mike Hazlewood-----48--10--58
    3. Richard Woods------57---1--58
    4. Jenny Stone---------53---4--57
    5. Kyle Hampton-------52---4--56
    6. John Murray---------53---3--56
    7. Paul Foyle------------48---6--54
    8. Tim Bohr--------------51---3--54
    9. Darren Quincey-----52---2--54
    10. Wayne Marriot------50---4--54
    11. Darren Lindsey-----48---5--53
    12. Dave Lillywhite-----47---5--52
    13. Simon Vant---------46---6--52
    14. Cameron Casey----50
    15. Andy Ft-------------38--10--48
    16. Ray Hampton------44---3--47
    17. Robin Walter-------34--10--44
    18. Stuart Walter-------31--10--41

    Ian Bainbridge and Alan did not complete their rounds.
  2. popsheep

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    Apr 17, 2009
    good night

    well done to all who we know and new members we dont its the tops at MAD so come along and shoot a MID WEEK comp at MAD and enjy the fun .
    Tony won, those Thorpe Hall members are taking the pot of gold from our pockets ,more the merrier next week.

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