MAD Results Wed 15th JULY

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    MAD Results Wed 15th July

    Another good evening shoot at the club, the rain held off and there was hardly any wind, :D:D.
    The course was really tricky, with some targets that looked to be further away than their kill size allowed, but everyone shot them to the same standard, nearly. There was even one target that tricked someone into thinking that it was up, when it was actually knocked down, (he wont be scoring 58 again for a while).
    Ian was good to his word and revised the handicaps before tonights shoot, obviously some were still moaning about how unfair it all was, but Jean had no complaints;);) .
    Good Luck to all MAD members shooting at the UK's this weekend.

    1. John Murray-------------50---4--54
    2. Ray Hampton------------50---4--54
    3. Kyle Hampton------------50---5--55
    4. Richard Woods-----------54---0--54
    5. Jenny Stone--------------49---5--54
    6. Tim Bohr-------------------47---4--51
    7. Ian Bainbridge------------49---5--54
    8. Darren Quincey-----------54---2--56
    9. Tony Ward-----------------44---7--51
    10. Richard Cunningham-----50---7--57
    11. David Allum-------------DNF
    12. Lloyd Davies--------------43---8--51
    13. Jean Greatfix------------48--10--58
    14. Neil Thompson-----------41--10--51
    15. Gareth WB---------------36--10--46
    16. Alan Ahearn-------------44--10--54

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