MAD Results Wed 10th JUNE

Discussion in 'News and Results' started by Toucan59, Jun 10, 2009.

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    MAD Results Wed 10th JUNE

    Another good evening at the club, with the handicap system really working too well tonight, giving six people the same top score leading to a shoot off.
    Apologies to Jean, who finished 3rd last week and got missed off my results list due to technical issues (not my fault).

    Richard Cunningham---48--10--58--First after shoot-off
    Jean Greatrex---------48--10--58--Second after shoot-off
    Simon Parker-----------54---4--58
    Kyle Hampton----------54---4--58
    Tim Bohr----------------55---3--58
    John Murray-----------55---3--58
    Darren Quincey-------53---4--57
    Darren Lindsey--------53---4--57
    Ray Hampton----------54---3--57
    Richard Woods--------53---1--54
    Roger Lait--------------52---2--54
    Lloyd Davies-----------47---6--53
    Simon Vant------------43---6--49
    Jenny Stone----------DNF

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