Mad Mark memorial HFT comp all proceeds to H4H

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    Mad Mark memorial HFT comp all proceeds to H4H

    On Sunday 4th July at the picturesque Fort Airgun Club range near Mouldsworth Cheshire. We have our 2nd annual Mad Mark Brewster memorial shoot in memory of our good friend and truly excellent guy known to BBS members as Mad Mark who sadly passed away last year and is still sadly missed by those of us lucky enough to call him a friend.

    The HFT comp last year was won by Nige Williams (Gillieman) which in my opinion was perfect as Nige was one of Marks closest friends and the prize a nice shield that is kept for 1 year will be up for grabs next week.

    The course will be a standard 30 targets and the rules will be standard UKAHFT. We know from club shoots the tree lined and warren covered slopes that comprise the range make a demanding and entertaining course.

    We will have a rather good caterer on site to provide cold and hot drinks plus sandwiches and burgers to feed the fussiest of shooters.

    The lovely Andrea Charlton better half of official HFT pinup Ryan Charlton ;) will be there and to see the GORGEOUS Andrea and her hunk of a husband will be enough for this impoverished scouser to ensure a good day.

    I hope HFTers in the Northwest and Midlands will make the effort to come to what will surely be a great day.
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    This Comp will be a 40 shot course, 30 to Ukahft rules and 10 targets as a extream.

    I know there is other shoots the same time as this but i hope some of you can make it. I'm sure alot of you new Mad Mark from the bbs and his wild stories whick kept us all entertained!!

    Mark was passionate about H4H so all monies will be going there. So please if you have'nt anything on come along and support Mark Brewster chosen charity shoot.


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