M.A.D Saturday Sessions

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  1. Sparky

    Sparky Ich dien Staff Member

    Nov 8, 2008
    Pontypool South Wales
    Quarry Hunters
    MAD Saturday S1

    Alan Jones
    Alan Moss
    Andy Jones
    Andy Webber
    Andy Yates
    Barry Smith
    Bert Tate
    Bob Nicholson
    Bruce Marshall
    Chris Coombes
    Chris Cundey
    Chris Sutcliffe
    Clinton Smythe
    Colin Matthews
    Darrell Waite
    Darren Lindsey
    Darren Quincey
    Dave Benyon
    Dave Hatfield
    Dave Hunter
    Dave Lillywhite
    Dave Ramshead
    Dave Welham
    David Allam
    David Bowles
    David Robertson
    David Taylor
    Deon Smith
    Derek Whittingham
    Donald Hartness
    Douglas Hartness
    Drew Whitley
    Gary Chillingworth
    Gavyn Jones
    Geoff Ryder
    Geoff Watkinson
    Giles Tibbitts
    Guy Gillies
    Ian Bainbridge
    Ian Harford
    Jane Sparkes
    Janine Travers
    Jean Greatrex
    Jennie Stone
    John McDonald
    Jonathan Major
    Lloyd Davies
    Mark Camoccio
    Martyn Goodsall
    Michael Elliott
    Michael Grimshaw
    Mick McTighe
    Mike Edminson
    Mike Everson
    Mike Isaac
    Neal Rainbow
    Nick Thomas
    Nigel Williams
    Paul Foyle
    Pete Dutton
    Pete Sparkes
    Peter Foote
    Petra Smythe
    Rachel Waite
    Ralph Presland
    Richard Woods
    Rik Travers
    Roger Bentley
    Roger Lait
    Ryan Charlton
    Samantha Ramshead
    Sean Cameron
    Sean Webb
    Shaun Eustace
    Shaun Langley
    Simon Vant
    Stephanie Kirkwood
    Stephen Davey
    Stephen Hughes
    Stephen Milburn
    Steve Cochrane
    Steve Griggs
    Steve Lanyman
    Steve Light
    Steven Hesp
    Stuart Webb
    Terry Wheatley
    Vince Blackman
    Wayne Marriott

    M.A.D Saturday S2
    Adam Ward (IH) 14-16
    Alan Sultano
    Andrea Marshall
    Andrew Burgess
    Andrew Longyear
    Andrew Underwood 9-13
    Andy Wilkinson
    Anthony Higgins 9-13
    Anthony Leney 2
    Ben Rawlings 9-13
    Ben Russell
    Ben Thompsett 9-13
    Bill Jones
    Bob Morris
    Brian Heaps
    Brian Lewis
    Cameron Casey 14-16
    Clive Amery
    Clive Madley
    Craig Lord 9-13
    Dan Haines
    Daniel Turner
    Danny Jones
    Danny Webb
    Darren Phillips 2
    Darryl Rees
    David Duncan
    David Storey
    Dean Yaxley
    Derick Stone
    Elliott Compton 14-16
    Evan Grove 14-16
    Gareth James
    Gary Brazier
    George Rounce 9-13
    Greg Hensman
    Greg Hensman (J) 14-16
    Harry Compton
    Ian Houghton
    Ian Paul
    Ian Unsworth
    Jacek Nawrocki
    Jack Houghton 9-13
    James Casey
    James Mclachlan
    Jeff Woods
    Jez Ashby
    John Murray
    John Oldroyd
    Jon Houghton
    Jonathan Pearson
    Jordon Dutton
    Ken Gould
    Kieran Lewis 14-16
    Kyle Hampton 2
    Leigh Osland
    Lloyd Grove
    Lorraine Madley
    Luke Saunders 9-13
    Luke Woods 9-13
    Marie Webb
    Mark Crossland
    Mark Dixon
    Mark Huckle
    Mark Walker
    Matthew Dimmer
    Matthew Edwards
    Matthew Rawlings
    Michael Byford
    Mike Turner
    Nathan Smith
    Neil Tatton
    Nicola Pearson
    Nigel Peckham
    Nigel Smith
    Norman Wells 2
    Paul Harris
    Paul Russell
    Paula Johnson
    Peter Higgins
    Peter J Edwards
    Peter T Edwards
    Peter Underwood
    Phil Johnson
    Ray Hampton 2
    Rebecca Rawlings 9-13
    Rhys Huckle 14-16
    Richard Bailey
    Rob Simpson
    Roger Dyson
    Roy Simmons
    Simon Dixon
    Simon Edwards
    Simon Harrison
    Stephen James 14-16
    Stephen Wells 2
    Steve Gillies
    Stuart Farr
    Thomas Brazier 14-16
    Thomas Morgans
    Tim Bohr
    Will Ashby 14-16
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  2. Sparky

    Sparky Ich dien Staff Member

    Nov 8, 2008
    Pontypool South Wales
    Quarry Hunters
    Both days lists updated

  3. unclebod

    unclebod New Member

    Oct 11, 2009
    High Wycombe
    Wendover ARC
    Good a'noon, Wise and All Knowing One

    Is it too late to make an adjustment to you session lists?

    If poss, can you swap Mark Walker and Mike Grimshaw around.

    Mark is on the morning list and Mike on the afternoon. If you can swap them over it would be helpful but if not, just let me know.

    Many thanks

    Andy Webber
  4. Sparky

    Sparky Ich dien Staff Member

    Nov 8, 2008
    Pontypool South Wales
    Quarry Hunters
    Hi Andy

    thats fine as its a straight swap


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