HFT Loughborough Airgun Club 05 May 2019

Discussion in 'News and Results' started by RichNeo, May 5, 2019.

  1. RichNeo

    RichNeo Member

    Jun 13, 2017
    Hi everyone, here are the scores from today’s Open Shoot 5/5/2019.

    Mick Dakin 78 Open
    Ethan Pantling 77 Open
    Dave Smith 76 Open
    Theresa Reed 76 Open
    James McLachlan 75 Open
    Richard Jones 75 Open
    Simon Minney 74 Open
    Joff Haigh 74 Open
    Nigel Gill 73 Open
    Richard Rushton 73 Open
    Kathy Thompson 73 Open
    Ewan Pantling 73 Open
    Jake Miller 72 Open
    Sarah Pantling 72 Open
    Matthew Furlong 72 Open
    Ian Millward 71 Open
    Gary King 71 Open
    Christopher Hall 70 Open
    Ian Howarth 69 Open
    Chris Pantling 68 Open
    Dan Gordon 68 Oddball
    Simon Toolan 68 Open
    Steve Cartledge 67 Open
    Mark Thompson 67 Open
    Andy McLachlan 67 Open
    Simon Harrison 67 Open
    Greg Hensman 66 Open
    Robert Shepperson 66 Open
    Jim Blyth 65 Open
    Andy Dickson 65 .22
    Alan Sutcliffe 65 Open?
    Ellen Rothera 64 Ladies
    Conor Jones 64 Junior
    Simon Howarth 64 .22
    Bernard Greasly 63 Open?
    Stu Blyth 63 Open
    Steve Thompson 63 Open
    Bob Clay 62 Open
    Clive Evans 61 Open
    Nick Stanhope 60 Oddball
    Mark Edwards 59 Open
    Rich Entwistle 56 Open
    John Bartrum 54 Open
    Callum Clark 51 Junior
    Amelya Minney 51 Junior
    Henry Wheeler 49 Junior
    Harrison Jones 49 Junior
    Neil Wheeler 47 Open
    Martyn Cooke 38 Open

    Bonus Bunny
    £20 Stu Blyth
    £20 Jim Blyth
    £10 Bob Clay
    £10 Ellen Jones
    £6 Steve Thompson
    £6 Mark Thompson
    £5 Callum Clark

    Thank you to everyone who turned up, weather wasn’t bad, and there were some good scores out there today. Big thanks to all that helped in setting up and packing away the course, to Bernard Greasly for the photos which will be posted on here soon, and to Ellen Jones for the safety brief and reading the results out. Well done everyone
  2. Amac

    Amac Active Member

    Apr 25, 2010
    Rivington Riflemen
    I thought it was a great layout. When you are old like me it makes a difference when you have two targets per lane! A challenging course indeed and thanks.
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  3. Cooper_dan

    Cooper_dan Well-Known Member

    Jun 14, 2017
    It's not your age that's the problem, it's all the sh*t in your pockets :rolleyes:

    Good job Loughborough. The 40 shot layout is excellent and the extra targets are definitely appreciated. And good luck to all your members shooting at the NSS next week
  4. James0807

    James0807 Member

    Jul 8, 2010
    Rivington Riflemen
    Nice Dan

    Yes thanks for putting the course on. Some well placed targets out there. Extra shots are always a bonus

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