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Discussion in 'Useful Links' started by loksi67, May 13, 2013.

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    May 7, 2013
    Austria / Hungary
    Hi all

    I will present you my pellet picture database. You can see the pics on the crosman air pistol owners forum or also on the greatest german airgun forum (large pics you will see if you are registered). On the first site you will find an alphabetically list of the pellets.


    I think it ´s important to see what is inside the pellet containers, what manufacturing quality will you get for the money. A lot of pellets have high quality, but you will find also "second hand" pellets and some pellets you can use only for paperweight.

    The pellet picture database lives from donations of forum members, donations from companies - I ´m not a millionair, so I can ´t buy all pellet types. For a donations it ´s enough the pellet container and about 40 pieces (for length and weight measurement). If any of you have some pellet types not listed in the database and you are able to spend, so all airgunners would thank you. I miss also a lot of pellet containers for documentation purposes.

    So if you can help to increase the database, so feel free to contact me (loksi67 at hotmail dot com)

    Greetings from vienna


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