Lincs HFT Winter Open Round 4 result

Discussion in 'News and Results' started by Mcdemon, Feb 22, 2015.

  1. Mcdemon

    Mcdemon Active Member

    Jul 27, 2012
    Lincs HFT Club
    Apologies for the late results I had a very very wet rifle to strip and clean!
    1. N Yates 53
    2. M Thompson 52 (after count back)
    3. S Howarth 52
    4. D Ablard 50 (after count back)
    5. K Thompson 50 (ladies winner)
    6. G Chillingworth 50
    7. K Spicer
    8. A Larkin 50
    9. I Howarth 49
    10. F Lloyd 49
    11. T Reed 49
    12 D Gash 48
    13. M Carter 47
    14. J Jackson 47
    15. I Spicer 45
    16. G Ryder 44
    17. G Greatrex 44
    18. S Elkington 43
    19. N Baguley 43
    20. E Reed 42
    21. R Tinker 42
    22. D Smith 42
    23. M Parsons 41
    24. P Relf 41
    25. S Hilton 38
    26. P Smith 37
    27. P Bolam 36
    28. C Hudson 36
    29 L Ellis 35

    Apologies if I have missed a couple but I only appear to have 29 scorecards handed in.
    A bigger apology to Simon Howarth who I missed at the prize giving. Confusion caused by some very wet score cards!
    A big thank you to all the visitors today especially the MAD boys that erm are probably just that for travelling to endure the worst Weather Lincolnshire can throw at them!

    Tables will be updated as soon as possible and posted on here and our Facebook group.
    Next comp March 22nd and will be announced in good time.
    Many Thanks
    Mark Carter
  2. Kathy T

    Kathy T Active Member

    Sep 8, 2012
    Market Harborough
    Thanks to all at Lincs for putting on a great shoot today. We all got a bit soggy but a great course to shoot :) Kathy & Mark
  3. DreamGenie

    DreamGenie M.A.D. Air Arms HFT team

    Mar 29, 2011
    Thanks for an interesting shoot in diabolical conditions!! Thanks to Steve for your company.
    Also thanks to the MAD boys for giving this MAD girl a lift!! Hope to come and shoot again when the weather improves!! Reminds me of a National we shot here several years ago. :rolleyes:

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