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Lincs HFT Open Round 2 plus team comp

Discussion in 'News and Results' started by freshman210, Jun 22, 2014.

  1. freshman210

    freshman210 Member

    May 19, 2011
    What a fantastic afternoon. Perfect weather. Great company and i still shot like C**p!!

    The results are on an individual basis

    N. Yates 53
    M. Carter 52
    K. Spicer (jnr) 49
    P.Knight (Heck) 48
    S Elkington 48
    I Spicer 47 Count back
    R.Tinker 47 Count Back
    D. Ablard 47 Count back
    P.Shelbourn (Broth) 46
    N Baguley (Heck) 44 Count back
    P Relf (Broth) springer 44 Count back
    D Hall (Heck) 43 Count back
    F. Lloyd 43 Count back
    P Gregg (Broth) 43 Count back
    L Giles (Broth) 41 Count back
    B Singyard (Heck) 41 Count back
    B Beck (Broth) 39
    A Gregg (Broth) 38 Count back
    D.Gash 38 Count back
    M Allsop (Heck) 37
    D Hornsey (Broth) 33

    and team

    Lincs Score Brothertoft Score Heckington Score

    N. Yates 53 P.Shelbourn 46 P.Knight 48
    M Carter 52 P Relf 44 N Baguley 44
    K Spicer 49 P Gregg 43 D Hall 43
    S Elkington 48 L Giles 41 B Singyard 41

    202 174 176

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