Lea Valley's HFT Results 16/11/13

Discussion in 'News and Results' started by clubshot, Nov 17, 2013.

  1. clubshot

    clubshot Member

    Nov 14, 2008
    North London - UK
    HFT 16th Nov 2013

    Geoff Ryder 58 1st
    Alex Larkin 56 2nd
    Linda O'Malley 56 3rd
    Ron Whitney 56
    Harry Kalaydjian 55
    Jean Greatrex 55
    Paul Wetton 54
    Mike Carney 53
    Clive Presland 53
    Richard Byford 52
    Simon Vant 52
    Roger Bentley 52
    Lorraine Madley 52
    Mike Isaac 51
    Glen Pickard 50
    Clive Madley 50
    Andrew kundrotas 49
    James Madley 49
    Roger Lait 48
    Steve Woodley 46
    Dave Mansfield 45
    Keith Warburton 45
    Mal Gwynne 44
    Kyle Earnshaw 42
    John Wheeler 41
    Jason Byrne 39
    Brian Tyndall 38
    Dave Forbes 37
    Aston Chambers 35
    Craig Cook 34
    John Finnerty 31
    Mark English 31
    Roy Core 31
    Barry Smith 0
    Mick Salmon 0

    Kyle Hampton 54 1st
    Ralph Presland 54 2nd
    Dan Ferraro 50 3rd
    Bruce Gill 50
    Rex Bennett 49
    Earl Lange 44
    Paul Burt 44
    Bob Brand 41
    Roger Foster 40
    Alison Mansfield 31

    Andrew Kundrotas 49 Winner
    Keith Warburton 45
    Alison Mansfield 31
    Barry Smith 0

    A great course with kind weather conditions. Some good scores posted today. Well done to the course setters and to those who helped bring the course in at the end. Rather disappointing to see members who shot the course sat at the clubhouse eating whilst the usual stalwarts helped bring the course in


    Cut & Pasted from Lea Valley Forum board
  2. msnk

    msnk New Member

    Sep 23, 2013
    OK, that is a bit weird. I actually won in 0.22, and I am in open as well.. I was shooting 0.22 and did not hear my name come up in a club house after the shoot..

    Thanks, was a great course!

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