Kinver Winter Series Round 2 Results

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    Jun 27, 2013
    Thankfully a dry day,with sporadic winds of different strengths and directions proving a challenge to those in the open sections later on.
    A fantastic performance yet again from Dave Freeman,also from junior shooter Sam Hemmings,and top springer spot going to Andrew Timmins in a thinned out class for today.
    A big thank you to the Kinver Team as usual for the hard work to get the course out this morning and preparation over the weekend.

    A final thank you from me to Mattyts for his awesome custom made pen which has collated all the scores and been faultless in its performance all day!

    Open Results

    Dave Freeman 58
    Ryan Ashman 57
    Dave Hemings 57
    Matt Hipkiss 57
    Gary Anderson 55
    Stuart Hill 54
    Bill Birch 53
    S. Boulton 52
    Neil Meredith 51
    Mark Meredith 49
    Jody Anderson 48
    Karl Guest 48
    Geoff Jones 48
    Dave Ward 46
    Tim Reynolds 33

    Andrew Timmins 55
    Paul Sefton 52
    Ranjit Singh 51
    Darren Metcalf 47

    Sam Hemmings 57
    Mason Ryan 41 (R)

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