HFT Kingsley HFT (Staffordshire) Sun 7th April [Scores]

Discussion in 'News and Results' started by Iggyr7, Apr 7, 2019.

  1. Iggyr7

    Iggyr7 Active Member

    Nov 30, 2013
    Kingsley HFT
    Great morning for shooting today with just enough breeze to keep you on your toes on the longer shots .
    Great turn out also , thank you all for the for the usual light hearted banter and support ..

    Looking at the scores it appears that plenty of shooters have fine tuned their skills ready for the fast approaching Nationals ..
    Elliott Compton missed his first target and then cleared the rest of the course , just edging out Jacob Pantling on countback ( 59's ) .. These were closely followed by a trio on 58 and a couple of 57's …

    Hope to see you all at our next shoot on Sun 21st April ..

    Scores as follows …

    Elliott Compton 59
    Jacob Pantling 59
    Mick Fern 58
    Theresa Reed 58
    Ian Howarth 58
    Mariusz Wisniewski 57
    Chris Pantling 57
    Ewan Pantling 55 (JNR)
    Sarah Pantling 55
    Ken Swift 55
    Kathy Thompson 55
    Rob Mansell 55
    Glenn Walsh 54
    Nigel Gill 54
    Greg Hensman 54
    Rob Shepperson 53
    Ethan Pantling 53 (JNR)
    Jon Pritchard 53
    Mark Thompson 52
    Gaz King 52
    Karen O'Mara 52
    Harry Compton 52
    Ian Millward 52
    Steve Brindley 51
    Matt Goodson 51
    Dave Smith 51
    Steve O'Mara 51
    Dan Gordon 51 (Recoiling)
    Simon Toolan 51
    Steve Cartledge 50
    Dave Freeman 49
    Simon Howarth 49 ( .22 )
    Richard Rushton 49
    Steve Thompson 49
    Mike Neville 49
    Steve Wild 49
    Craig Mazurkiewicz 48 (Recoiling)
    Ant Peppiatt 47
    Phil Nixon 47
    Liz Osman 47
    Mick Berrisford 46
    Leigh Dewis 45
    Wayne Colclough 39
    Dave Crimes 39 ( 1st time HFT )
    Rob Peppiatt 37 ( .22 )
    Mick Meigh 36 ( 1st time HFT )
    Jamie Nixon 35 (JNR)
    Josh Dewis 22 (JNR) PB

    Thank you all once again ..

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  2. Bensile

    Bensile Well-Known Member

    Nov 21, 2013
    Emley moor
    Good shooting all.

    We are going to have to shoot well to beat Elliot the machine Compton and any of that top 20 shooters this season.

    I’m off to buy some fishing tackle.
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  3. scruff

    scruff Active Member

    May 31, 2010
    purley chase
    I tried fishing...no good at that either.
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