HFT Kingsley HFT (Staffordshire) Sun 16th June [Scores]

Discussion in 'News and Results' started by Iggyr7, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. Iggyr7

    Iggyr7 Active Member

    Nov 30, 2013
    Kingsley HFT
    Despite the gloomy forecast following a rather wet week we had another great turnout today , so thank you all , it is very much appreciated …

    Unfortunately , from a course setters view , the wind picked up just a little too late as we were packing away the targets , but during the shoot there was just enough to maintain your concentration on most lanes ..
    Not quite enough to replicate Rivi next week ..:(:(

    Some great scores posted again , with many positions worked out by that dreaded countback ..

    Thank you again for your support , and hope to see you next time on Sun 14th July ..

    Scores as follows ..
    Ian Millward 59
    Theresa Reed 59
    Sarah Pantling 58
    Mark Thompson 58
    Richard Rushton 57
    Jacob Pantling 56
    Chris Pantling 56
    Jim Harney 56
    Richard Jones 56
    Dave Smith 56
    Greg Hensman 55
    Ken Swift 55
    Jon Pritchard 54
    Ewan Pantling 54 (JNR)
    Kathy Thompson 54
    Mariusz Wisniewski 54
    Ethan Pantling 53
    Megan Reed 53 (JNR)
    Simon Howarth 53 (.22)
    Clive Evans 53
    Andy Dickson 52 (.22)
    Graham Cole 52
    Ian Howarth 52
    Dan Gordon 51 (Recoiling)
    Rob Mansell 51
    Leigh Dewis 50
    Dave Allcroft 49
    Matt Underwood 49 (1st time HFT )
    Rob Shepperson 49
    Alan Sutcliffe 48
    Dave Freeman 48
    Simon Toolan 48
    Bob Clay 47 ( not recoiling )
    Mike Neville 47
    Bernard Greasly 47
    Steve Cartledge 46
    Richard Entwistle 45
    Steve Brindley 43 (Recoiling)
    Martyn Cooke 43
    Edward Entwistle 43
    Steve Thompson 42
    Nigel Gill 40
    Ian Barks (DNF) Dad Duties

    Till next time …

  2. ng1962

    ng1962 New Member

    Jun 12, 2017
    Some good shooting all round apart from me must do better
  3. RichNeo

    RichNeo Member

    Jun 13, 2017
    Some crazy stuff going on with your rig though Nige. Power looked ok and it seemed to group nice. Is it the scope....

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