HFT Kingsley HFT (Staffordshire) Sun 10th February [Scores]

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    Nov 30, 2013
    Kingsley HFT
    It looked a little bleak first thing this morning so thank you to all the shooters that risked the weather ..
    Turned out quite nice in the end , but where did all that wind go ???

    Lane 1 was a little ambitious and the obstacle at peak of trajectory turned out to be a fraction too low in relation to the distance of the target , and the target was not shootable for all shooters .. The course setters have been fined £200 and sent to jail … The target was pulled and all score cards adjusted .. At least it raised the level of banter as it changed the order of top shooters of the day …

    Theresa maintains her top form , along with Joff who is also currently very consistent , both on 56 with Theresa pinching the win on that dreaded countback …

    Hope you can all make the next shoot on Sun 10th March ..

    Scores as follows …

    Theresa Reed 56
    Joff Haigh 56
    Michelle Parsons 55
    Ian Howarth 55
    Steve Thompson 54
    Kathy Thompson 54
    Mark Thompson 53
    Richard Rushton 53
    Jon Pritchard 52
    Richard Jones 52
    Bill Birch 51
    Simon Howarth 51 ( .22 )
    Mick Fern 51 ( Recoiling )
    Steve Whiting 51 ( Recoiling )
    Ian Millward 50
    Ant Peppiatt 50
    Steve Cartledge 50
    Dan Gordon 50 ( Recoiling )
    Gaz King 49
    Bill Westhead 49
    Nigel Gill 48
    Rob Shepperson 44
    Steve Brindley 44
    Robert Peppiatt 34 ( 1st time HFT )

    12 shooters got Swift's Challenge , 15mm supported stander @25yds , so well done …

    Thank you all once again …

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