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    Hi all,
    As is the custom with the Kibworth competitions, to qualify for medals at least 6 rounds must have been entered.

    well, I've been busy sorting out who shot what and when and as can be seen from the score sheets there were insufficient entries in the recoiling classes. The bottom line is that we will have presentations for 2 classes plus the Iron Plate Speed Shoot. The classes will be

    Recoiless - Aided sights
    Recoiless - Standard sights
    Iron Plate Speed Shoot.

    I have worked out the positions and have attached .pdf files below showing each months scores followed by the best 6 entries and end results. There will be medals to 3rd place. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone who supported the season.

    Mar HFT & Cards

    Apr HFT & Cards - IPAS

    May HFT & Cards - IPAS

    Jun HFT & Cards - IPAS

    Jul HFT & Cards - IPAS

    Aug HFT & Cards - IPAS

    Sept HFT & Cards - 09-2011.pdf

    Oct HFT & Cards - IPAS

    Nov HFT & Cards - IPAS

    Recoiless Aided overall results

    Recoiless Std overall results

    IPAS overall results

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