Kibworth Pistol HFT 19/03/2011 Results

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    Kibworth Pistol HFT 19/03/2011
    Great weather and great company made all the hard work very worthwhile, so Thank You to all those who attended.

    For the nine people who submitted their cards for scoring (Rob Brown and I will NOT be up for trophies at the end of the year) the scores and round 1 positions were as follows:

    SSP/MSP/PCP Open
    1.Neil Price - 100
    2.Bob Farthing - 97
    3.Bob Skidmore - 74
    4.Mick Goss Snr - 72
    5.Mick Goss Jnr - 60
    6.Tom - 23 (No "Bulls-Eye" targets received)

    SSP/MSP/PCP Standard
    1.Craig Sargeant - 82
    2.Will Gabbott - 81
    3.Rob Brown - 34 (No bulls-eye targets shot due to other commitments)
    Cheers all, I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and I look forward to the next one.
    All the best

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