Kibworth Open Series 2011 Rnd 1 Results

Discussion in 'News and Results' started by stillwater, Mar 26, 2011.

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    Apr 16, 2009
    We could not have asked for a better start to the 2011 Open Series with over 60 competitiors taking on what turned out to be a fairly trick course.
    Chris Cundey has set down an early marker to show that he is up to the challenge of making it three series wins in a row, with an excellent score of 59.
    Can the rest of us prevent him from doing so
    Scores below.
    Chris Higgs 22 56
    Wayne Pearce 22 48
    Tim Harris 22 32
    Chris Mobley Jnr 53
    Becky Rawlings Jnr 47
    Tom Roper Jnr 45
    Will Ashby Jnr 43
    Ben Cotterill Jnr 35
    Grace Grimmett Jnr 34
    Bradley Pughe Jnr 28
    Chris Cundey Open 59
    Dave Goldsberry Open 57
    Greg Hensman (S) Open 56
    Mark Crossland Open 56
    Bruce Marshall Open 56
    Wayne Marriott Open 55
    Ricky Downing Open 55
    Roger Dyson Open 55
    Daniel Measures Open 55
    Rob Mobley Open 54
    Steve Chapman Open 54
    Matt Rawlings Open 54
    David Allam Open 53
    Gary Chillingworth Open 53
    Ian Houghton Open 51
    Neil Price Open 51
    Jamie Chapman Open 51
    Dave Cadman Open 51
    Adam Ward Open 50
    Bob Skidmore Open 50
    Jonathan Pearson Open 50
    Greg Hensman (J) Open 50
    Craig Sargeant Open 49
    Steve Catch Open 49
    Danny Webb Open 49
    Jez Ashby Open 48
    Phil Russell Open 47
    Justin Rhone Open 47
    Jon Roper Open 46
    Bob Farthing Open 46
    Paul Brittain Open 45
    Kevin Turner Open 44
    Horace Marks Open 44
    Alan Measures Open 43
    Ian Falmer Open 38
    Bernard Harris Open 37
    Bob Clay Recoil 48
    David Chapman Recoil 47
    Steve Whiting Recoil 45
    Paul Spencer Recoil 44
    Mark Thompson Recoil 44
    Chris Holmes Recoil 44
    Antony Grimmett Recoil 42
    Craig Kendrick Recoil 41
    Mick Goss (S) Recoil 40
    Andy Conroy Recoil 39
    Kathy Thompson Recoil 37
    Patrick Conroy Recoil 33
    Dave Pughe Recoil 31
    Nicola Pearson Ladies 55
    Andrea Marshall Ladies 54
    Michelle Pullen Ladies 50
    Marie Webb Ladies 48
    Anne Russell freestyle 41

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