Kibworth Open HFT Round 5 Results

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    Apr 16, 2009
    Kibworth Open HFT Round 5

    Another enjoyable day at Kibworth today with a lot of new faces enjoying what Kibworth has to offer,So far this year 108 people have attended at least one of our rounds.
    The course setters had set a tricky course for today that caught out quiet a few people. So thanks for their continued hard work and commitment.

    David Chapman 22 55
    Lloyd Grove 22 33
    Dan Newell 22 28
    Greg Hensman Junior 53
    Tom Bates Junior 45
    Evan Grove Junior 43
    Jack Marshall Junior 35

    Graham Knighton Open 57
    Jamie Chapman Open 56
    Martin Troost Open 56
    Chris Guy Open Open 55
    Nick Chilton Open 55
    David Allam Open 54
    Andy Varden Open 54
    Chris Cundey Open 54
    Les Young Open 51
    Paul Cunningham Open 51
    Steve Catch Open 51
    Anne Russell Open 51
    Phil Russell Open 51
    Robert Farthing Open 50
    Ruth Silvey Open 50
    Greg Hensman Open 50
    Daniel Turner Open 49
    Neil Price Open Open 48
    Ollie Wadcock Open 48
    John Smith Open 47
    Ian Gregory Open 47
    Louise Bignall Open 47
    David Noble Open 46
    Paul Brittain Open 45
    Bryan Marshall Open 45
    D Cadman Open 44
    Andy Mead Open 44
    P Conroy Open Open 41
    Steve Chapman Recoiling 53
    Roger Dyson Recoiling 52
    Kathy Thompson Recoiling 48
    Mark Thompson Recoiling 48
    Levi Hawthorn Recoiling 44
    A Conroy Recoiling 41
    Sarah Prime Recoiling 40
    Tom Silver Recoiling 39
    Steve Prime Recoiling 39
    Craig Kendrick Recoiling 20

    We look forward to seein g you all on the 22nd Aug



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